President Trump Delivers Remarks in Orange TX


Orange, TX


  1. Could you imagine if the state of Illinois or NY going through this??? It would be a total disaster. The state of California couldn’t even build a train, they would be in disarray.

  2. Trump has our vote!!!
    MAGA 2Q2Q!!!
    Mr. President we l❤ve you and are praying for you. Let’s cleanup these cities and bring back law and order and throw the punks in jail and stop all the chaos.
    Expose COVID-19 & cabal.
    No more masks!!!🚫😷
    Watch Breaking News, The Alex Jones Show Emergency Report: Pentagon Exposes Coup Plot Against Trump.
    Watch Freedom Rally in London.

  3. OMG what a complete BUFFOON, there not because he cares, but because he wants another photo op. A complete IMBECILE that when he was asked about these storms connection to climate change the jackass had the most IGNORANT AND STUPID COMMENT. Never in the history of America has their ever been a COMPLETE IMBECILE IN OFFICE, A COMPLETE TRAITOR TO AMERICA AND TO OUR TROOPS!! A FAKE-PRESIDENT, we are still waiting to hear the true ballots interfered with by Russia in Florida kept secret, WHY??????? Cannot wait for this Buffoon to be removed and a serious investigation like after 9/11 done on this administration and all the corrupt republican’s right down to the RNC!!!

  4. Read before puddin Google deletes since it deleted many of my accounts to keep this quiet.. Deleting evidence of abuse on utube channels too..
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    Btw elon knows Russian and his Tesla has great relationship with Putin..
    Facebook and Twitter suspended many of my accounts for spreading Truth too

  5. Drumpf hunched over the desk with his big red cap look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    Along with his new compadre Cuban Cwnt Rafael “Ted” Cruz who’s got his eyes out for big money donations from the polluting oil and gas frackers of texass.

    How many times did Drumpf say “fantastic”. He has a basic English vocabulary of 2000 words which is just about the educational level of the Southern high school dropouts who make up his base.

  6. President Trump is a Genius, He has a ability to stay on top of issues like no other. A perfect example of what a President should be, For those that have served proudly, survived or not, in defense of the Constitution of United States of America. The swift action of President Trump make’s the tittle of Commander and Chef stand proudly tall at the top… God bless you, Mr. President! . Promises Made / Promises KEPT!

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  9. Obama said that President Trump does not take the Presidency seriously. Such a massive lie. Look at the reality Trump is everywhere. First on the scene when disaster strikes. God damn those horrid no good Democrats

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  11. How ironic is it that he held this shitshow in a city named ORANGE? If I waste 30 minutes on this video, and trump is not assassinated before the end of it, I want my 30 minutes reimbursed.

  12. Thank you to all of those that are loyal and support our country and our President to do what’s best for the people in need and moving swiftly in reaction to help those in need of extra support.

  13. President Trump please don’t trust that RINO Gov Greg Abbott. That RINO-tard gov Greg Abbott extorted Texas business owners to force people to wear a mask or get fined. In other words shoppers , you wear a mask or don’t get food. The distancing policy was going well. We now know the numbers surge were exaggerated.
    Poetic: It’s Just A Mask

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  15. Ha I finally got to see him in public, Haven’t seen a president in person since Bush came through after hurricane Rita.


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