President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. did you know that judge next day was deciding about impeachment so it is not senate
    what the fck is happening ???

    fuck that judge

  2. 1308

    1 h 50 seconds for 1 minute 

    sending mail ballot to dead people 

    so many expel died but they going to be voting 

    so they do not even know peel die basically


    when they go to war 

    those are patriots really 

    cause they ask for lethal aid no what else they asking for ???

    that is fresh hole 

    Dmitri Peskov

    Labour la?

    parents like this 

    materinski capital

    and his mather said she knew he was going to be beat

    the peel can’t even imagine that any can be so evil and attribute to this people emotionally they like them to have

    they just believe 

    that thes parents are not evil

    the boy could only stay there if parent said wait for me there do not go any where

    the mom was sure 

    she wasn’t worried

    9 pm is that dark

    what time they called?

    about 9 pm

    so it was dark

    in 5 minutes?

    she lies

    they could not see steps 

    because it is  a swamp 

    and the steps are tiny 

    did meddled dig the grave???

    who dug those graves check if the graves actually occupied 

    i do not believe it 


    they have parents those kids

    to is always the same few there are more that 1 housed victims but they always talk to the same group f people e

    they also were not happy o see mother-in-law

    that girl on wheelchair she was not surprised to see mother so mother was in and out 

    it is all very off

    did she fly with the mother where she goes 

    was it bear 

    or was it father

    father bear

    no one can’t talk to him 

    he doe snot talk

    see she knows he cant talk 

    so she is not worried

    and actually what about the mother she could do it 

    he ate grass and fern?

    how did he know what to eat?

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    Fauci not doing his job properly 

    which is looking after that peel get treated fro bronchitis and flue symptoms and that department of labou that people get sick leave notice and instead of military aid

    in candy there tis sick leave but they count it how many times peoel get sick and it is is to many times they suspect sabotage and fie the people

    but they also nee do educate them about hoot not get sick

    basically mothers that get to many kids and them drop them off at day care when they are sick 

    and they stay home shovel not have so many kids to have that moment 

    maybe they did not know

    mosaic seem very easy to make look at new russian chinches 

    but how many original painting tat be nice to see

    why they want to open most do the bring dead bodies in russian chinches dead people can’t see the painting as well

    they being to bring dead

    so they can see nice pictures

    the pictures are so stupid  looking


    until 1 minute  8 seconds


    in russian they help too much

    to churches

    i do not see my friend relation who actually like there children to be so sure they are ok

    in th forest on their own

    i was lost one time

    i would be lost some people have compass in their head arable 

    jury  do not make sense

    they knew they left boy alive and it take few days that he dies

    US President Donald Trump has commuted the prison sentence of his former adviser Roger Stone.

    The announcement came just after the Washington DC Court of Appeals denied Stone’s request to delay the start date of his custodial term of 40 months.

    The White House said in a statement: “Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency.”

    The 67-year-old had been due to report to a federal prison in Jesup, Georgia, next Tuesday.




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    Articles of impeachment

    755: (1) abuse of power, and (2) obstruction of Congress, in its investigation of the President’s conduct regarding Ukraine.

    there was another article they discussed din congress that article was interference of foreign government and that they said is not impeachable offense but that s criminal offense that Barr s now conducting 

    he s not charging anyone he is “risking his career” now to actually wait f president trump get elected for not t go at him 

    all speed

    what due process when they trow people t jail . the stupid judges like president sister.

    get rid f he wench how long is tpo long ??

    there is nee two be entirely a new court reform 

    judges lie , courts like senate lies

    and it is not iconic they make a lot of money and destry envrnmnet 

    but the way the third article or actually first was foreign interference and that is criminal offense but not imeachabe so they did not vote on this not guilty

    the article of abuse of power was about establishing threshold of guilt they could not theoretically establish and the article of  obstruction of justice did t include lying to congress or actually supposedly even tryin to help Rodger??

    that was obstruction? the courts are NAZIes

    did you know that judge next day was deciding about impeachment so it is not senate 

    what the fck is happening ???

    so you see who decided in the end 

    judge with no name 

    they not put most important just is just A J ADJ

    supposedly so they pump muscle on background

    now they decided to keep law profile 

    a n t i ff  A c  k ey  that judge

  4. I believe in Trump but I am also very concerned. I live in California and we are being terrorized by newsome. We need his help. Businesses are being shut down and fined thousands of dollars and our children will be the ones to really suffer in the end. We need Trump to stand for us. Where is he?

  5. Great Job Boss 🇺🇸 2020

    Mueller mouthed off today re Stone it’s 😂😂 laughable. The guy was destroyed under oath what a stooge.

  6. “If you are not a Liberal at 20, you have no heart.
    If you are not a conservative at 40, you have no brains “

  7. Sick ’em Bowser!!! 2020 all yours sir! Regulations, Much Higher Taxes, More Viruses, Back in WHO, Support the UN! How much more do they want to take inborder to enlarge their plans for takeover? Florida, most of us appreciate you President Trump!

  8. LOL He just LIED again after his own Justice Department concluded Obama didn’t spy on him. Trump is absolutely pitiful. He won’t even be able to get that pot boiling. He couldn’t the first time. His ass is WRECKED!! Someone should get Trump on some meds soon. Or put him in a rubber room before he hurts himself.


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