President Trump in Yuma, AZ: We Built A Great Wall



  1. Hi mr.president am now just seeing what happened na nothing interesting now yeah and about this swine they give information to another country I want let him long nap of him

  2. More BS and lies from the Village Idiot, full of fanfaronade as usual. Get ready to lose biggly in November and then hopefully jailed in 2021. Bye loser!!

  3. Iran is the land of brave men with a culture of several thousand years. It is a swamp for the enemies that they will never get out of.
    Iran is the land of heroes like Rostam who follow heroes like Hussein son of Ali.

  4. Why isn’t the liberal media talking about the derecho that struck Iowa? Because they are no different than the Administration in being adulterers who have provoked the Wrath of God.
    Allahu Ackbar
    America gets what it deserves.

  5. Off Topic but….Did you know? Disney bought Fox News and Fox Business this past year? They are not the wonderful company they pretend to be. Bret Baier is a hack. Just a disgrace. Hey Bret, why not go after some of the domestic terrorists in antifa and B L M? What does Bret Baier have to hide? I hear, ….a…. lot.

  6. CAMPUS Students in NC have OUTBREAK of Covid odd. College hosp staff have no such outbreak since this started. Something smells. More and more vocal liiberals are seeing such great disparities b/w fact and fiction, this will show to be abig Boost for conservative vote. What a savings for Conservatives, probably only time I can thank Socialist Democratic Party. Steve Brannon tied up, no prob my friend!! Word says you may get a 10-day lockup, but the consequence of mocking God is toot sweet for Steve when all said and done.

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  8. ОЙБАЙ,Обайден-самый проигрышный кандидат в президенты от Демократической партии Америки.ОЙБАЙ -Обайден -это крах Демпартии США.

  9. Trump Stated Police and others to watch polls! VOTER INTIMIDATION! Trump said they would do it! Admission on Television! Stop Trumps Voter Suppression in closing voting stations/centers! Reopen all voting Centers/voting stations so that all legal to vote can vote! Force the Post Master General to put back all mail processing machines and mail boxes within 10 days!

  10. J don’t agree. No. Absolutely no. The design of white house in US was done by an Italian et intelligent man: pierfranco gelli. J don’t agree because Mrs Gelli insists into division ane fight: white houses there down and black houses for us. We are better, more clever than those, more happy and brightly.

  11. In Dotard’s America billionaires pay millionaires to tell poor whites that the poor blacks and browns are the reason they’re poor. Dotard’s twist is they are going to live next door. This POS POTUS needs to be a motel manager again!

  12. 2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Vice) <—> (Truth & Facts) >—< (Vice) •—• •—• (South Park Studios) <—> (Truth & Facts) >—< South Park Studios ••• “Respect and dignity, 2020?” 2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

    👆 (🔥🔥🔥)
    👇 👈—👉

  13. There is no wall dumbasses..

    So, in addition to Dr. Birx stunning revelation that her boss – Donald Trump – failed miserably in containing the spread of covid-19 here in the US, let’s review other relevant, Trump-related news, or facts, from this past week:

    1) A federal appeal appeals court in New York ruled, again, against Donald Trump, paving the way for the US attorney in SDNY to look at all of Trump’s crime ridden and felonious Federal tax returns.

    2) His best friend, Senior campaign advisor, and Senior White House official – Steve Bannon – gets arrested and charged with fraud relating to Trump’s imaginary wall.

    3) Trump admits on national TV he’s sole purpose to defund the USPS is to disenfranchise American citizens’ right to vote. Oops.

    4) The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee, controlled by Republicans, concludes that Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone did, in fact, conspire with Russia to rig the 2016 election in Trump’s favor, specifically noting that Manafort was in constant communication with a Russian spy.

    5) Sen. Kamala Harris became the first black woman to ever be nominated for Vice President – and we all know how much Trump hates anyone of color, especially women..and especially women of color who are much smarter than he is.

    6) He had to stand in a corner, face the wall, and take it up to kulu during President Obama’s meticulous dissection of Trump’s failures and total incompetence as President, as tens of millions of people watched the carnage here and all around the world at the DNC Convention.

    7) During the DNC convention – Trump could do nothing to stop lifelong prominent Republicans – like General Colin Powell and Former Senator John Kasich – from pleading with Republican voters all across America to vote for the other guy, Democrat Joe Biden.

    8) Trump’s national poll numbers continued to tank – now behind Biden by double digits in most swing states.

    9) Over a thousand Americans a day continued to die due to covid-19, and all Trump had to say when asked about it on National TV was, “it is what it is”, not to mention all the hundreds and hundreds of students who have caught the virus in the classroom since Trump insisted schools reopen.

    and last – but definitely not least

    10) Everyday we get closer to election day, that’s one less day Trump will be a free man once he loses in November. Why else would he be soiling his granny pants much more frequently as we get closer to November?

    We already know he’s an unnamed co-conspirator in one felony indictment – along with Michael Cohen – who already went to prison for it. And assuming Steve Bannon flips on Trump to save his own ass – which he will – and assuming the SDNY uncovers a plethora of crimes once they look at his taxes – which they definitely will – Trump realizes now more than ever his days as a free man are numbered, literally…


  14. “He maketh me to lie down in Greenfields…check my scope…call in my position…sight the enemy ahead…he maketh me wait for a clear shot…he maketh me take the shot…he doth not maketh me kill…nor drink…you maketh me…and you drive me to and from it every day…the lord is my shepard I shall not want…for mine enemy is taken into life not from it and welcome to judgement..but yea though I walk through the halls of justice…i shall fear no man…for none have gone…as none have come…concealed and detained by the mercies of all forces…this equity has no return.” But not for me…mine just says ” I am guilty…i am mind is a sin filled market of purchase…i am perverted by all the graces of the science of sickness and perversion and murder…i am foul with molestations and rifled through with anger lurking behind every vindication…i am neutral because i am incompetent and I am guilty because I am competent..” Whats the difference..the difference is some added words that show what its like to be sponsored to be put into play as an activist…a marksman…someone who ends terrorism and dictatorship and crime and violations of civil rights….”the man who adds to this is cursed” yeah i guess you would be cursed if your purchased position was one of concealment and secrecy…one where your job was to become one with the nature and world to hide so you didnt get killed and captured and violated and ruined and tortured and made a liable leak…theres one bible…theres an unknown number of the kinds of men and women in this world…you may read the bible and live by the typeface set upon those pages…you may spend trillions of dollars making sure those letters make words that are never currupted…but freedom gaurantees every single day that every letter of that book is creating an account and a code of record and construct and new technology and new philosophy to retrain psychological premise to be able to understand eveey single thing that lives and moves and breathes on this planet….if you dont get that then you’re a fool…damned…and you may as well be as stubborn as to climb up on your cross and be immortal and never decay nor lose the essence of life nor conciousness and hang mounted eternally…because believing that those words never change..that mankind isnt any different than he behaves or can or could and that our minds arent capable of finding the legitimacy behind the most seemingly currupt or insultinf forms of behavior and life on this planet…youre an angel or a demon..because you dont get humans…you cant comprehend your own being and essence and youre even closer to it for that…because the only way you could ever do what it takes to get it…is to be made to by a creator…if you dont understand how a human developmental system and coded technology work…then youve no idea what a “creator” is…its one of the most dangerous technologies ever to exist…hitler was a creator…dahmer was a creator and a creation…every single one of the top 1000 most dangerous human criminals ever to live…was a creator…manipulation isnt a creation…ita a damnation…because if you cant detect it or find it…it can get by you and everyone else…creators are dangerous…humanity wants to settle it by saying there is a good and there is an evil…and creators can be good but acts can be evil…and that is so shortsighted its as legitimately dangerous as a sniper peering over a wall into the the crowd undetected…because thats all it is…the conflict is real…im not threatening anyone…i dont even own a gun…but what im saying is…people are dangerous…that covers stupid and arrogant…im sorry it burdens me but it does…peace is not satisfying…war is not welcome but as anexcuse for want or greed or vanity. Health is hard to come by and keep…love…forget it…the world is dangerous…let that be the first and last word..because its gauranteed to make it there..and to have been there long before the first void ever crept to crack wide for the birth of a worm that became a world…dangerous…

  15. Time to audit CO, every town and every dirty UN Mayor on the front range. Did Ivanka and Cory put our forests in danger when they went up there? Because we’re on fire now, that’s a fact and all those little commies setting more fires in Denver last night as we can’t breathe from the smoke and airplanes emitting shit on us? Who are you? Why would Trump want us dead as the politicians do? Not fair to play with our lives and minds to win something as we watch the criminal characters walk free. Guess that makes us all stupid for believing in one set of haha laws.

  16. USA confirms defection of Chinese Colonel
    The Straits Times
    Asia News Network
    Washington, March 24. – The US officials have confirmed the defection to the USA of a senior Chinese Colonel who disappeared in New York last year while on a trip with a group of Chinese military officials.
    The US secretary of state, Mr Colin Powell, said the individual was in good health, and that the USA has “made the Chinese aware about his presence and that’s as far as I want to go on it.”
    Although Mr Powell stopped short of calling it a defection, other US officials confirmed the accuracy of a Washington Post report that said a senior Colonel from the People’s Liberation Army defected last year in USA.
    There was a Chinese Colonel who at the end of December decided to stay here and apply for asylum,” a senior US official said.
    The Washington Post quoted a Chinese source with close ties to the country’s intelligence services as saying US officials arranged for the defection before the Colonel arrived in USA, then helped him disappear.
    Chinese Intelligence believes the officer’s wife was smuggled out of China after attending a party at the US embassy in Beijing, it said.
    The rare defection by a Chinese military officer was believed to be a significant Intelligence coup for USA, but the new US administration played it down a day after Chinese vice-Premier, Mr Qian Qichen, met President Mr George Bush at the White House.
    Courtesy: The Statesman Kolkata Sunday 25 March 2001
    Vol: CXXXV No: 12(S).

  17. When CCP approach to a target country, they establish a research institute and infest the country with their trained spies as “politicians,” “corporate leaders,” “lawyers,” “medical professionals,” “scientists,” “visiting scholars,” “visiting professors/teachers,” “students,” and “journalists,” etc.
    They study and strategize how the targeted country works and can be colonized.
    They then mimic/create an exact duplicate of the target countries in such a way that they establish organizations, etc. to mislead/deceive the target countries’ gov’t officials and economic leaders, etc.
    China (as well as North and South Koreas) needs to copy/steal other countries in everything to make money/survive for their academic institutions are bogus.
    CCP has copied the U.S. style think-tanks/research institutes as follows:
    e.g. China-CEE* Research Institute (*CEE = Central Europe and East Europe)
    e.g. China-Greece Research Institute… China bought the largest sea-port in Greece through its research study.
    e.g. China-Hungary Research Institute
    e.g. China-Belarus Research Institute
    Through these institutes, CCP gathers information on the target country; then, they strategize how to invade and colonize them.
    CCP uses bribes, sex-traps, and debt-traps to hook the victims and control them until all the blood gets sucked out.
    Through this human-web, CCP expands its spiderweb’s human relationships eternally; once a victim gets stuck on the web, it is almost impossible to escape until s/he gets killed, being made to look like a suicide. (ck it out)

  18. What is the IRS going to do to us at the end of this tax year? Receiving Stimulus and payroll tax cuts is great, but if you are Conservative and vote Republican the IRS is already making us a target. IRS with all their educational parties in the O ba/Bid en years have shown their allegience to Dem/soc party and nothing has been done to clean up the IRS. SAD

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