President Trump Meets with U.S. Tech Workers and Signs an Executive Order on Hiring American


The White House


  1. People, lets donate to Trump and REP campaing,, they need money to compete with the big tech Giants that are working against America. Lets help,, do not take anything for granted!! They have way more money thann the republicans could ever have… Besos, zukeberg,, etc.. they have to much money. Please donate.. any amount.

  2. Lol without foreign workers USA would only have football and burgers so fuck off Trump your time is done Nov 3 is close and you are going in history …

  3. If only Australian Prime Minister would do the same for Australian’s, put Australian workers first. Congratulations America! 🙂

  4. 『アメリカ大統領選の潮目は閻麗夢博士の暴露証言で激変した:中国の第2次バイオテロに日本にも備えさせよ』

  5. 8m $ a year for a Public Executive Officer ? It’s worse than in Romania. Great Debate proposal : who is american ? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. More of the same bull shit from the clueless idiot, incompetent, criminal president. This fool is destroying America. Way to go Little Donnie, you’re fired!

  7. So OUT THE DOOR with the Old American way of greasing palms, eh? BRAVO !!
    THIS IS THE American Way. FUNCTION .
    NOT OFFSHORED PROFITS; to the elites yachting practices of doing the laundry at sea.

  8. Donald Trump is VERY OBVIOUSLY the greatest American President in the last half century or so. Unquestionably.

  9. Ugh, whats he lying about THIS time. Senile old bastard. Every day I wake up, check my goldfish to see if its ok, then check to see if Trump is dead yet.

  10. Trump 2020! Long Time Over due! Fake and Corrupt Media is very angry about this Executive Order, for eg: ABC, CNN PBS, Washington Post, NYT, MSNDC, NBC

  11. Just so no-one get’s confused. British and European workers are NOT American. So I expect that to affect Europeans as well. Most of the high-paying jobs are going going to Mexicans or Asians, it’s mostly European workers taking away high-paying white-collar jobs from Americans.

  12. Just have to clear this up. Just because someone was not born in America doesn’t mean that they are “not skilled”. Those “foreign” workers may very well kick ass at there jobs. Also when you arn’t born in America people have to prove there worth to get an opportunity to work in America. With America only having 4% of the world’s population. This means 96% of the world would have to compete for the opportunity to work in America. (obviously not all at the same time) Point is “foreign” workers are not getting free”handouts” or “bailouts” they have to earn their jobs. They can’t just walk into a store and land an American job if they live overseas as many Americans take for granted every single day. They don’t get “free handouts”. They have to EARN IT. They have to EARN their jobs. We shouldn’t take their jobs just because they don’t “look” American. If should be a fair market. The best person for the job, should get the job.


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