President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel


The White House


  1. May God bless those who truly want peace. // SADLY, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA [ in Israel & America ] is the ” core of the war. ” // Tech Giants should read what David did to a bad Giant.

  2. Kudos POTUS, every day is Ashurah and every land is Karbala! As Salam Alaykum peace! Thanks for the video and I value your service, is :Russell-Jay: Gould, your Chief?

  3. May the left side go down in history as the demon rats last crack at that they are the evil corrupted fake politics we don;t need and don;t care for loosers from the start

  4. democrats don;t know were its at cause they act like they are on crack and we the poeple don;t want that all they do is out of wack taburnack

  5. Don’t matter what culture you are from or what religion you believe in. All children on this planet are God’s children and it is our sacred right and duty to protect them in every way because they are our future and hope for a better planet we living in.


  6. If I may use your words, Mr President. Peace is the Prize!! I love seeing how marvelous this prize is. I have loved my travels outside of USA, did not travel during the last administration

  7. THANK,YOU so very much Mr.PRÄSIDENT,Dj.Trump for your Wonderful Greatest Work for Amerika and Germany and Worldwide Peace! Wwg1wgA Q friends Worldwide God bless you! Wwg1wgA Q friends from Worldwide! God.bless you my friends from Worldwide! Wwg1wgA Q! 🙂

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