President Trump Receives a Briefing on Hurricane Laura


Washington, DC


  1. NBA expressing an opinion they would liek to have an answer and not be called political
    what are they saying???
    and also why protect courts??
    there is nt enough judges to loo at all detail for cases and do due diligence so many lives get ruined

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  3. THANK,YOU so very much Mr.PRÄSIDENT Dj.Trump ! We need your Help in Germany & Europa & Worldwide & Q & Wwg1WgA & Q! Pray for you & Amerika & Germany & Amerika and Worldwide! 🙂 ! God bless you ! Greetings from Germany to Amerika and Worldwide Fanclub Mr.PRÄSIDENT,Dj.Trump ! Love you !! 🙂

  4. Sounds like the hurricane bands helped with tide surges from being worse, thank GOODNESS. So appreciative of preparation and coordination from all agencies. Did I here president say of blown out windows in high rise, “ya didn’t want to use that contractor”? Strange thing to say, not funny. People passed away, stay safe David meteorologistKXAN!and all displaced🙏💕Pics of Chad W. if you see him, another cutie. Wishing strength to all those cleaning up and having to rebuild, maybe again.😢🇺🇸🙏

  5. I have noticed one thing all the Protesters have in common, the majority smoke marijuana and even in the video streaming. Enforce federal law, lock them up and the protesting will end. Notice the protesting ended when marijuana was outlawed and the drug polices enforced. Enforce our law, NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, give them what they ask, lock them up. Double the size of prisons, double the size of law enforcement of you have to, ENFORCE our FEDERAL LAWS equally .

  6. My basement got destroyed by a huge water flood that happened yrs ago fema was supposed to help and never did. I didnt ask them for help ,my basement leaks anytime it rains now. What a mess.

  7. I live in wisconsin we dont mess around here we deal with it fast. Evers is nutts though walker was way better and the states not getting help those governor’s should be held accountable for people getting injured or killed . If i lived there and my governor ignored help id want them held accountable charged to the fullest extent of the law and possibly sue them. I agree with trum sports being political is insane . No one will watch there crap games now . Without us they wont have a job or paycheck. Man i wish i worked for you donald trump id be the best bodyguard you ever would have.

  8. “I will heap on them one disaster after another,
    I will use up all my arrows on them:
    pangs of hunger, ravages of plague,
    and bitter pestilence.” – (Deuteronomy 32: 23-24) –

  9. When they gonna fix Brocken Jenova treaty in 1984?
    Nicora Tesqa made big-mistake with Lazy Holly wood actors who couldnt wait Rain sean Rocation.
    When they gonna start to fix brocken Jenova-treaty in 1984!
    Katria play Harp Moon song makes me sick Letter between American Anvasader in Tokyo when the period of American president Obama!
    Sheril Crow Love is Free official pv between Huricane-Sandy too!
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    They involved me for nightmaire!
    August 29th in 2020PM6:33
    By Lazy Shingo-Purple-Gold-Pin-19th.
    I dont care who you are!
    So, what? lol

  10. 戦前は大本営発表で機関銃に竹やりで敵うと報道 ホント馬鹿
    テレビ朝日が 朝鮮族の石破? 

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  12. h Pray Psalm 91 over our Pres T, VP P, you and your family. Here is a personalized copy for you to PRAY !!

  13. I meant the joy of the Lord is out strength. My phone can’t spell. I have a dumb phone. Go home . watch a funny movie with your beautiful wife and go to sleep. God is awake sit
    Love Barbara finch
    God bless

  14. My prayer to all American people affected from the hurricane Laura and The fire in California 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. God bless Pres Trump;…see also: Pres Trump, it is urgent that you meet up with Dr. Judy Mikovits, “As Soon As Possible!” Dr. Judy’s rather significant, expert, straight forward guidance, would enable the elimination of the catastrophic ongoing phony psychopathic Scamdemic. And such a dramatic change of direction, could occur within merely weeks, at almost zero cost.

    True, Mr. President, Dr. Judie’s perspective is worthy of your critically timely review because her viewpoint and recommendations are dramatically contrary to the continuation of the evil destructive and costly conduct of the WHO, NIH, CDC, and FDA.

    Mr President, you need to appreciate the fact that the reason why the Pilgrims Society fronts, Fauci, Blix, Redfield, SOROS, and Gates, refuse to debate Dr. Judy is because she has an accurate grasp of the shameful overall conduct of the drug industry, going back 120 years.

    Thus, the Pilgrims Societies preferred tactic, is to continue to ignore Dr. Judy— meanwhile continuing to control the actions being orchestrated by yourself, Mr. President,…which unfortunately, as regards drugs and vaccines, have been incorrect.

    Mr. President, thousands of AMA working professionals have recently become very outspoken, probably encouraged by the brave courageous Dr Mikovits, as she has repeatedly, expressed, the unbreak-able scientific truths.

    Now, just quite recently, Dr Judy provided her incredibly detailed scientifically unbreakable-truths, in the form of detailed testimony, under recorded oath, for her extremely competent attorney, Larry Klayman, regarding the murderous criminality being exhibited by those Pilgrims Society front’s, which has already caused the untimely death of hundreds of millions of the World’s population, since the mid-1980’s.

    The Fauci, Blix, Redfield, and Gates families, know that they must continue to successfully mis-direct you, President Trump. Otherwise, they will, inevitably, be hung by the public’s noose, due to the public’s ongoing increasing recognition of that bundle of Pilgrim Society fronts criminal agenda against humanity.

    Sheez…It seems absurd, but, must we formally suggest that you, President Trump, personally receive a few hours worth of Dr. Judy Mikovits’ scientific knowledge regarding this critical matter? Don’t ya tink?

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