President Trump Visits Red Cross Headquarters



  1. Yeah about the good heart do not give him about what i say to help him keep him in diet food and thank you j and mr.president his family thing all of them is tough so let we see

  2. So to my dear president am not lie ever and never I become honest with you all time and my queen either and to entire world


  4. Our oldest alt right snowflake is a pedo: The contrast between Trump’s criticism of civil rights hero John Lewis for a personal snub and his solicitude for indicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, with whom he frequently consorted, is pretty much all you need to know….about Dotard Trump our POS POTUS.

  5. Ms. Ivanka Trump is the First Lady President of the United States of America Amen By the perfect people of America will support Ms. Ivanka Trump for President in 2024.

    Mr President Trump is our leader in United States of America

  6. Shalom Diego!

    Regarding your question
    >What to do to deal with frankists and sabateans? What awareness strategies to be taken in the Jewish community?

    I think right now the main, simple action and strategy should be the same for Jews and non-Jews alike.
    To re-elect Trump and Bolsonaro, and to liberate the Chinese people and bring down the CCP.
    To see religious Jews-Noahide-Christians as brothers,
    and put Economic Nationalism as a practical, political focus (a la Steve Bannon)
    against the Globalist Elitist Marxist forces of chaos.
    Each country should safeguard and restore its own prosperity and freedom of its citizens.

    Yes Ramban’s philosophical works, namely the Moreh Nevuchim, and philosophical parts of the Mishneh Torah, are utterly opposed by Rabbi Nachman.
    It’s very likely these plilosophies helped feed into the later Sabateans-Frankists-Illuminati-Secularists.
    There’s a whole section of Chayey Moharan (#407 onwards) against these works:
    However, the Mishneh Torah is a great work and R’ Nachman praised it. He said the Moreh Nevuchim could not have been written by him and is a forgery.
    Yes Shulkhan Arukh is better in the sense that one needn’t dodge around those bad parts.

    R’ Nachman’s (and his grandfather the Baal Shem Tov’s) entire work in a sense was to repair the Sabatean Frankist Illuminati mess. There is a chapter in LM about this:

    In Shivchei Haran #20 R’ Nachman has to flee out of Acco to escape the battle of Napoleon vs. the Turks.

    But there is an anonymous story of Rabbi Nachman meeting Napoleon in a dream.
    This was printed several times in L’Chaim newsletter.
    Simcha H. commented here about at least one false point in it:

    But this story makes the valid point that there is always a choice. Napoleon, or Frankists Sabateans Globalists can choose to refrain from evil, bloodshed and strife, and choose to do good.

    Na Naj!

  7. 천주의 전지젅능한 능력은 미국에게 의지하지 아니한다 ᆞ창조적통일한반도는 미국보다ㅡ중국보다 강성대국을 창조하는 명실공히 G1 super korea ㅡ초경제대국의 꿈을 구현한다ᆞㅡ

    ㅡ《동ㅡ서로 이만리 ㅡ8000
    km》이오 ㆍ《남ㅡ북으로 오만리 ㅡ20,000km》
    ㅡ우주강가ㅡ진주강가ㅡ성강가ㅡ태극지도ㅡ마음ᆞ생식기ㆍ암놈ㆍ숫놈ㆍ교배로 종족보전 ㅡokay
    사해세계는 ㅡ하늘이오ㅡ
    땅은 동ㅡ서ㅡ남ㅡ북이요
    인간에게는 사지가 하늘로 부터 창조된 창조물이다

  8. I have never ever heard of a virus lasting 6 months and some!
    This is very abnormal !
    America stand together!
    Hard telling what the Goverment is up too!

  9. We love you Trum and your Republican Party 2020🎈🎈🎈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Q said to watch out for the Red Cross. I would NEVER donate blood to them. They are in the child trafficking/blood drinking business.


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