President’s Malaria Initiative – 15th Anniversary


President’s Malaria Initiative – 15th Anniversary

Imagine a world without malaria.

Over the decades, CDC and USAID have partnered to identify the most effective tools and approaches to fight malaria around the world.

When the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative, or PMI, was formed 15 years ago, it provided an unprecedented opportunity to expand our collaboration.

Since 2000, PMI and partners have worked to save over 7 million lives.

Together, CDC and USAID, use data-driven approaches to scale up proven tools to fight malaria where they are needed most, and in the process, deepen our knowledge of what works and where innovation is needed.

CDC translates sciences into powerful action to control and eliminate malaria.

PMI, led by USAID and co-implemented with CDC, partners with 24 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and three programs in Southeast Asia to reduce malaria deaths and illness.

Happy 15th anniversary PMI!

CDC is proud to be part of this life-saving initiative and bringing that long-term vision – a world without malaria – to reality.

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