Safe Health Workers, Safe Patients?


The COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled the huge challenges and risks health workers are facing globally.
Working in stressful environments makes health workers more prone to errors which can lead to patient harm.
Health worker safety is a priority for patient safety. Speak up for health worker safety!


  1. My name is sara … i worked the last Friday, it was 24h shift in COVID 19 service…. Now i have symptoms, please pray for me 😔

  2. “The quicker I give all my rights away, the quicker I will get them all back”…..Said the person who never read a history book in their entire life.

  3. You guys are tearing the @ss out of it now, my god, who is f@l ling for this. All hospital s are E M P T Y for the first time since they were built! Pull the other one, it has bells on.


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