Sharing COVID-19 experiences: The Italian response


Italy was the first Western country to be heavily affected by COVID-19. In response to the outbreak, the Italian government and community, across all levels, reacted strongly and effectively, turning around the trajectory of the epidemic by implementing a series of science-based and stringent measures. Determination, collaboration and unity were hallmarks of the Italian response. This video tells the story of Italy’s experience:


  1. I see the WHO employees are doing as their told & up voting there video. That’s good!
    Even though this is all Lies & no emergency what so ever!
    The CDC released last week that ONLY 6% of all CVD19 deaths were directly a result from just CVD19.
    That means, 94% is all something else! & do the math. In USA at 181,000 at the time of release of this information. 9,000 people had died of this so called virus. & of that number, 90% are elderly!
    900 people total other then the elderly.
    Lol. Do What Now!!?? What’s the emergency?
    Why shut down ANYTHING?
    This is crazy! Can’t you people see this? & CNN won’t report the actual real numbers for their pushed Fear Mongering on the people. Nor will any news agency!? Even though most even reported this what I wrote. Then it’s like, they dismiss it & continue with the Fear pushing on the people?!
    What’s actually going on?
    I mean, TB effects 10 million a year! 10 MILLION ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE! 1.5 million die from this horrible dresses.
    but,,,nothing got shut down!no forced hand washing or mask wearing(which is useless or worse even)
    So, what are they trying to hide?
    I think I know? Our world’s economies have collapsed! I watch this stuff closely & at the end of January it was doing very bad! So, they make up the CVD19 virus & are getting ready to Reset our economy during all these shut downs.

    This CVD19 is all in your head. Nothing more. When the hospital test for it they are testing with a 70% failure rate to even detect this CVD19!? What the heck? Why are we not speaking up people? We are the people, without us, they are NOTHING!

    All I have wrote is the absolute truth. Check it yourself.

    Bless you all in your research. Because I’ll promise everyone this, you are not going to die of this made up nonsense🤧. That’s for sure!

    Also, there’s a petition of 4,432 nurses going against this lie. Why would even 1 nurse be with this if it was real?!? I mean, that’s their job, right!

  2. Italy and Italians strongly need to be proud and love their country. Thank you WHO for showing that Italy is not made of just bad stereotypes, but that it is a country that can be as strong and as innovative as its illustrious past.

  3. As a citizen of Codogno, town of Mattia, the first certificate case, after followed many many who online courses on covid-19 (thanks dr. Kerkhove!), I only thank you all for this gift for my town and to our Italy.. a nation considered often as “pizza, mafia and mandolino”, but now all of us an example of unity, team player and sense of duty for all of the world. Go all togheter until the win against covid-19!

  4. Who recalls the last global lockdown for the Influenza epedemic?
    The highly contagious Influenza causes an estimated 650,000 global deaths annually, with up to 1 Billion infections and an estimated 3-5 Million people worldwide will suffer severe illness and require hospitalization in order to recover.

    Note: the Influenza season has already begun!

    With a world population of 7.8 Billion people, with currently 983,042 global Covid deaths in 9 months, apparently this now justifies global lockdowns, forced unemployment, poverty, suicides, economical financial damage, millions of postponed life-saving OP’s, forced social distancing, isolation and depression, the usage of masks which won’t even prevent the spread of Influenza farless a killer-virus, etc.

    Why does one virus get more attention than the other?

  5. January until may, victims from:
    -Coronavirus 237.000
    -Malaria 327.000
    -Suicide 357.000
    -Traffic accident 450.000
    -Cancer 2.740.000
    -Hunger 3.371.000
    -Infectious diseases 4.331.000
    -Abortion 14.184.000

    WHO, go home.

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