Vice President Pence Participates in a School Choice Roundtable


Waukesha, WI


  1. It warms my heart to see the great leaders of the world continuously working on strengthening the essential foundation that American lives are built upon. I admire my President. I admire my Vice President.

  2. Vice President Pence, you are the head of the COVID-19 task force – what are you doing to try to limit the spread of COVID-19 that is KILLING American citizens every day. It is now out-of-control in America and will kill in excess of 250,000 Americans due to your complete failure to address the issue. Other countries have been able to prevent needless deaths of their citizens – does your faith support knowingly killing others? Do you care?

  3. Michigan School required kids to wear masks to work out outside for football. You will be liable if these kids get sick or die

  4. Don’t let the government educate your kids period. Bill gates has destroy everything he touches, as soon as common core came about the kids common core left the classroom. U.s. doesn’t even teach cursive anymore . Can’t sign a legal document and want your kids wearing a mask at school

    👍MR. PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR 2020-2024👍

  6. As stated in other comments here at this YOU TUBE CHANNEL (official White House CHANNEL), on June 23, 2020, during the 2nd hour of “THE ALEX JONES SHOW” (“INFOWARS”), Alex Jones interviewed “Project Veritas” over their (“Project Veritas”) Documentary exposing Facebook allowing a “PLATFORM” for the planning and execution of plans, by various demestic terrorist organizations, to commit serious violence, murder, and destruction to private and public property; and SAID ACTIVITIES ARE BEING CARRIED OUT ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES!!!! As stated, “Project Veritas” has solid EVIDENCE; therefore, THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (“THE U.S. D.O.J.”) needs to have a discussion with “Project Veritas” A.S.A.P.! Bottom line, there needs to be a thorough investigation by THE U.S. D.O.J.; and President Trump needs to instruct and compel THE U.S. D.O.J. to investigate said EVIDENCE!

  7. It is so good to see an active VP getting involved with the heavy lifting like this and other projects like the Space Force, Covid Task Force and many others. We are used to VPs in the past just sitting on their laurels basically doing not much. This shows an administration which is firing on all cylinders.

  8. Teachers need to conform to the direction of positioning of US role in the world stage. Produce the best human being that could have ever be produced, you have the means, the discipline, the vision and the spirit. Just do it!

  9. I was born on March 6,1963, on September 1963, Democrat Governor George Wallace attempted to stop four black students from enrolling in four separate elementary schools in Huntsville Alabama. Nearly 57 years later Democrats are still blocking the doors and stoping black children from attending the school of their choice. These measures are long overdue.

  10. Now a days parents are. Lucky for having this school choice… when my kids were small I don’t have this opportunity and never got chance to get some finances help from the government program. Congratulations..let’s keep Republican at the White House and all across the government offices


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