Vice President Pence visits the 9/11 Memorial in New York City



  1. 9 Pleased Pray Psalms 91 over our President TRUMP and Vice President PENCE, you and Your Family. Here is a personalized copy for you to pray !!

  2. Why can we not fix this,
    The US Justice System is so broken. My exhusband a lawyer/demsoc turned the courts on me, devastating my life too. Help stop NYPIS and the Lawyers who are willing to hand over their careers to help the Communist. Save America, send soldiers to put the political elites who orcherstrated this to Gitmo until this is ironed out, we are at w a r. This is an act of hyjacking our Justice System. DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, IT IS ALSO WHY OUR SKIN COULD COST US OUR LIFE.

  3. What a shame how 9/11 really went down. It was nice to see the fighters stand down for no good ducking reason. Thanks American government you guys are either complicit or incompetent, which one is it?
    New American Century? Raise your hand if you own stock in Halliburton 👍🏼. Real fucking nice.
    You want Americans to trust it’s government; then kill George Soros, abolish the Fed reserve, demand all interest paid to “them” to be returned, stop embezzling our tax dollars, stop supporting welfare states, and remove the United Nations from US soil.
    After all, the United Nations wants to invade America by sending troops here once our police force is nationalized.
    Everyone can thank the Bish family for that, they signed away America’s sovereignty every chance those dirty fucks got.
    Go fuck yourselves 👁🤘🏼👀👌🏼🇺🇸

  4. Hard to believe education has gotten so rotten, that reminding to love your own country and your own people is even a subject.

  5. Hopefully in the next 4 years president Trump and vice president pence you will releases the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God , what happened on 9/11, JFK’s murder and all the other wicked twisted demented evil that has gone on in America and the world regardless of the crap(so-called top secret has to be blacked out with black felt marker) that has to be hidden no more hiding the truth from the American people and the world’s people we the people need and want transparency now.

  6. Debate is still out on PENCE. could be deep state (him and his wife received the white letter at bushes funeral) him n paul ryan tried to take out trump…Trump has him around kind of like keep your friends close and enemies closer type deal. Pence is tied to Indiana child trafficking along with his wife…the info is out there just gotta dig deeper than MSM

  7. Almost all terrorism in the world is related to communism and socialism. Enact legislation to completely ban communist and
    socialist ideologies. It can be put to end to all kinds of terrorism in the United States . It can make the United States develop
    healthily and be strong. That is really benefit for the United States.


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