#WearAMask Challenge – Do It All


Today, we launch a new #WearAMask challenge!
By wearing a mask, you are sending a message of solidarity and protecting people, especially those most vulnerable, from COVID-19.

Take a photo or a video of yourself wearing a mask, share it and nominate friends to do the same.
Masks alone will not stop the virus – we must 𝗱𝗼 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹:

-Wear a mask that covers your nose, mouth and chin

-Keep physical distance
-Clean your hands
-Keep away from big crowds
-Cover your mouth and nose when coughing

We are the ones that can end this pandemic!



  2. Well done Dr tedros. You can have a gold star and go to the top of the class for finely passing the mask test that they do protect ourselves from the contaminate in the air.
    So you should just give me the award for getting my first mask in January 2020.
    Gold star for you.

  3. Why are you telling people to wear masks? Do you have any actual scientific proof that a virus exists? And if so do you have scientific proof that it can spread from person to person? Because for six months I have not seen you provide any evidence only media propaganda

  4. Thise man need a nobel for thise chalange hhhhh wering a mask and doing a selfie hhhhhh and dont wait pepole there will be any vaccin for corona just play whith it .

  5. In fact WHO should not come with such irresponsible statement, if they have done so. From the beginning itself they have been not showing any confidence building measures among the countries..

  6. WHO is issuing only negative impressions and disappointing news. Instead of building confidence, they demoralize the suffering people.

  7. Definitely, we will join the challenge. I can ensure that 1200 users of my village library are using masks properly, keeping distance and sanitize accordingly. We will defeat Covid. With WHO.

  8. COVID-19 will only go away if we all collaborate, so instead of being some f*cker and demoting such practices, I urge everybody to please follow the norms as recommended. (Pardon my use of language.)

  9. Tedros, you are playing a psychological game. I hope you lose. This coming from a man who is reportedly responsible for genocide in his home country and a Bill Gates stooge.

  10. First at all Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, start cleaning your soul & all your body, you, the WHO big chief responsible of the death of more than 2 millions people from the Amharas tribe & others. Your are as dirty as most of these criminals: Robespierre, Lenine, Staline, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, &c…

    How much, Bill Gate did pay you for following his advices as a miserable slave?

  11. Excellent Example for Management Studies.. He will be noted for years.. How a wrong, incompetent and Corrupted Boot Licker can take the whole world down single handedly

  12. And what about your own life? Morons in 1 minute your CO2 rises to levels which are damaging for your whole body. You get huge levels of cortisol. And that will give you heart and vain problems. With a mask you poison yourselfff. So lets reverse it an DO.NOT.WEAR.A.MASK-CHALLENGE

  13. So he carries 2 things with him a mask and hand sanitiser but throughout the video he never wore the mask and when you see him in press conferences he never wears a mask.

  14. U have no credibility Mr Tredors / shame on u / u should dismiss from the OMS / no person Interest in your speech /

  15. wow what amazing breakthrough information’s after months into the pandemic and almost a million people dead. All these people especially Ghebreyesus should be charged with murder and reckless behavior. Rot in hell.

  16. Mask-wearing commentators: “Wear a mask, you know it makes sense and offers protection against the novel coronavirus.”
    Also mask-wearing commentators: “Yes, I know lots of people in China wear masks, but I still believe their government seriously under reported its death figures.”

  17. Everyday this dictator spews more and more lies and misinformation and gets more and more people killed and yet failtube does not take him down

  18. Listen official organization health ! thank you for worried about health , about me and different people! But live free choice! I no need your help! I no need vaccinations! I nosing need from Satana and your service ! I have God ! My God give me support , protect, life , and health and all what me need! Then why I need you ?! Why you tel me and all people what need do ? I not your property! I freedom person! Who you for take my freedom?! You can take all and my life but I stay in life and have freedom! Because my God protect me and safe me! People wake up! No scary this and not trust for this servants of satan!!! No give kill you and your child! You forget about God? Start pray and serve for God and listen God and scary only do sins! No be like Judas!!! People think ! God make us , God I’ve got us his one Son for he through the Lord Jesus Christ we now have saoboda and salvation of the soul, there is no death! what else do you need to understand that the Lord is the True Light! The Lord has overcome the gates of hell and there is no death! and you are afraid of the virus and are afraid of losing your business and home, are you afraid and trust the servants of Satan? they don’t need people !!! they need to deceive and kill you; they forgot about the plates standing in the oaz languages, it says how many people should remain on earth and there will be a single world order where there will be no freedom! do you want to trust the deceiver Satan and his servants? so Satan will sit on the throne and tell you that the food supplies are over and he cannot give you food and say that those who refused to be listened to by the world order are to blame; understand Satan he is the father of lies! did you believe in his promises? how can the blind bring in the blind? and how can a deaf person hear a deaf person? I give up your concern! and if time goes by for me to get sick or die, then I will accept it from my God! and I don’t need your help, the world health ministry you are not God! you are a servant of satan! Get away from me Satan !!! people !!! Are you sure that if Satan’s listen will protect you? but what about God the creator of people? wake up people before it’s too late!


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