WHO’s Science in 5 – Herd Immunity


Episode #1

Science in 5 is WHO’s conversations in science. Watch WHO experts explain science related to COVID-19.

In this episode, published on 29 August 2020, WHO’s Chief Scientist, Dr Soumya Swaminathan explains herd immunity.

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  1. Many of us are already immune to it. How is it we are not dying even if no mask outside? You need to go outside & see for yourself instead of blindly obeying Bill Gates

  2. There is no sciences no shit just killing pepole . WHO killed pepole tedros is killer. For a few chinise mony they killed about 1 milion pepole and destroyd economics of many contries

  3. Help us, India exam postponed, 10 million humans infected, please request us ,exam postponed or cancelled, Corona virus, plzzz students life save ,1 September exam starts

  4. I feel that everyone will want to be the 5% and not get vaccinated because there isn’t confidence the vaccines are safe.

  5. You don’t have to explain the science.
    You have to show the science. And then proof the science is accurate and repeatable!
    You can’t!!!! Stop the fake BS!!!

  6. Certification of vaccination Identification is a official term used by the WHO (See there site)
    Its been used a.o. for Polio and Yellow fever
    Certification of vaccination Identification aka C O V ID Year 2019 aka 19 C O V ID 19

  7. ” Its a highly infectious virus” + “If you do it naturally it will take a long long time off course”
    That does not match. IT IS ONE OR THE OTHER…

  8. Herd immunity: Get the virus from person to person.
    Vaccine: Inject the virus, (Or at last parts of it, and what else? Show the science!!!)
    Both infect people to create “herd immunity” So why prefer one over the other? Especially one is not available…
    Running virus wild?? Seems like we know now how to manage this, We shown the world we can flatten the curve..
    So WHY push this vaccine???
    Is something else in it?
    All of the above???


  9. Our so called virus is the biggest lie since 9-11. But I’m betting you all are too stupid to know that. Well you look at that. The NBA is still on. Nice.

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  12. Case or example

    I feel that the state can print more money and less debt .. Army buildings or spy buildings but it prints money inside .. the money can be used to buy weapons, conduct research, prevent country debt, invest in other countries, make loans to the country other .. because the military building is a secret which should not be known by others … can you investigate for that ..

  13. Thank you ladies! So, many people think it is Okay to do and believe in natural herding immunity without the vaccine. Way to many unknowns with the science and care of etc…. Again Thank You!

  14. Follow Robert Kennedy Jr for all the info coming out on the vaccine scam over the last few decades. There has never been more distrust in vaccines and pharmaceutical companies. This has backfired Bill, we’ll have generations who reject your vaccines – and the developing world will hopefully ban you from experimenting there too. Health does not come from Big Pharma everyone – the human mind and body needs these things to thrive and keep immune system effective: love, human touch and family/community, fresh nutritious food, clean safe water, access to nature, opportunities for growth and to plan ahead, exercise, sunlight and laughter/fun. No unnecessary fear or being conned by supposed authority – it will keep your body in the fight, freeze, flight response for too long and mess with your immune systems ability to fight infection and find homeostasis. The who lies! Remember the vid that they’ve now buried telling us NOT to wear masks? At the time we had a rolling death count and people were scared to go into shops. Now we know it’s been over played and we’re told to wear masks to keep the pandemic alive in our minds. Do not blindly accept authority these people are health terrorists.


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