WHO’s Science in 5 on COVID-19 – Vaccine Distribution


Episode #15

Science in 5 is WHO’s conversations in science. Watch WHO experts explain science related to COVID-19.

How will the COVID-19 vaccine reach you? Why is it important to keep observing public health measures? WHO’s Dr Katherine O’Brien explains in Science in 5 this week.


  1. Amygdalin
    Chemical compound
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    Amygdalin is a naturally occurring chemical compound best known for being falsely promoted as a cancer cure. It is found in many plants, but most notably in the seeds of apricots, bitter almonds, apples, peaches, and plums. Wikipedia
    IUPAC ID: [(6-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy](phenyl)acetonitrile
    Formula: C20H27NO11
    Molar mass: 457.431 g/mol
    Boiling point: 1,370°F (743.3°C)
    Melting point: 415.4°F (213°C)
    Classification: Glycoside and rso are the only two that can cure ♋ cancer.

  2. The World HOaX Organization, pHARMa’s biggest loudest mouthpiece for Uncle Bill, change your tune fast, Now, or you’re going down with the ship, enjoy

  3. I’m sorry but I just can’t take anything the WHO says seriously. Before he became the Director for the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was the Health Minister of Ethiopia. During that time he openly covered up three seperate Cholera outbreaks there (in 2006, 2009 & 2011) He tried to claim that they were just cases of watery diarrhea. Independant health experts came in to take samples and found the bacteria that causes Chloera. This man is an open liar and it’s shameful that the WHO chose him as the Director. Can’t take him or the organization seriously at all.

  4. Huh there is no vaccine of common cold and they think that they will make covid-19 vaccine in one year huh seriously? It is like you can’t even go to top of your house and trying to reach top of Mount Everest

  5. liars,
    You people should go to jail for what you are doing to the world. destroying millions of life, businesses, way of life, social benefit. the truth will come out and heads are gonna roll.
    we know you agree with the great reset, you won’t be able to hide it for long. WAKE UP people, all of this is a sham!

  6. *Nothing serious imho*
    1.4 millions deaths around the globe in almost a year.
    *That is less than 0.02% of the whole population*
    *0.02%* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seasonal flu has a well documented yearly statistic of 700.000 death per year (0.01% of the whole population). Half of Covid-19, which is advertised as a threat to humankind..
    Does not look scarry to me at all.
    It looks more like a “celebrity flu corona virus” which were with us from centuries. This one has a powerful PR though – a great fundament for the biggest business deal in the humankind history. Which will be a mandatory, yearly subscription vaccine for all the people around the world.
    In my opinion your approach Prime minister is dangerous. Spreading this global panic is dangerous. Because of people like you, year 2021 will be tragic..
    Non directly and directly forced mandatory vaccinations will face a global strong backlash which will result in violent riots, strikes and global very angry revolution with devastating multilevel consequences.
    Your mistaken confidence, unquestionable trust will lead all of us to the catastrophy.
    Most of the pharmaceutical production force and effort will be focused on unnecessary vaccines. There will be no necessary drugs available for the real illnesses and people will start to die in big numbers.


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