WHO’s Science in 5 on COVID-19 – Ventilation


Episode #10

How important is ventilation and how does it keep you safe from COVID-19? WHO’s Dr Maria Neira explains in Science in 5.

Link : Q&A Ventilation and air conditioning in public spaces and buildings:



  1. Obviously this makes complete total logical common sense BUT quite confusing info/messages are being sent in the USA .. so very much politicizing especially of mask wearing at all times even in a car by yourself … outdoor is and has always been the best for illnesses …. but every single neighbor I have with a Biden sign in their yard does all outdoor activities alone or with their in home living partners with a mask on, some being N95’s !! Jogging, fast pace running, walking, raking, landscaping, washing cars etc….. these people have their mask on and that’s totally not ok outdoors, especially when they’re doing extensive physical activity…. there’s no telling them different because so much has been said about trump not wearing a mask and Biden’s side sends the message you’re selfish and uncaring to not wear a mask when out of the house even when social distancing outdoors !!! It’s a damn shame these people believe covid is chasing them down the streets or living in their cars that they have their mask on and windows rolled up in 100 degree weather terrified from the politicizing of this virus injecting fear !!! Unbelievable and shameful !!!

    How long has it taken to admit it?
    Better late than never, but we must inform PROACTIVELY all governments to take appropriate measures.

    Time is playing against us and the growth of the spread is exponential.

    ¡¡¡ VENTILATION !!!
    ¿Cuanto tiempo ha sido necesario para admitirlo?
    Más vale tarde que nunca, paro hay que informar PROACTIVAMENTE a todos los gobiernos para que tomen las medidas apropiadas.

    El tiempo está juega en contra nuestro y el crecimiento de la propagación es exponencial.

    Combien de temps a-t-il fallu pour l’admettre ?

    Mieux vaut tard que jamais, mais tous les gouvernements doivent être informés de manière PROACTIVE afin de pouvoir prendre les mesures appropriées.

    Le temps joue contre nous et la croissance de la propagation est exponentielle.

  3. In Italy, in one of the main newspapers, there is from the beginning of the epidemic a strong campaign in favor of air conditioning in schools and public buildings which is presented as the solution to problem of the diffusion of the virus indoor. While is absolutely clear the WHO position in favor of natural ventilation it would be really welcome a more detailed explanation of what are the real pro and cons of air conditioning and if an investment on it is worthwhile or not.


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