World Food Safety Day 2021


Every year we celebrate World Food Safety Day on the 7th of June, jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Dr Francesco Branca, Director of Nutrition and Food Safety at the World Health Organization office in Geneva, invites you to join the celebration. All of us have a role in keeping food safe. Get involved and do your part!


  1. Good, then stop spraying shit on everything. Stop the GMO crap. Sell fruit and vegetables at an affordable price. There is no reason I can buy a box of 50 frozen burritos for the same price as a bunch of bananas or asparagus.

  2. *Raising awareness that Bill Gates is the number one owner of farm land in America, and Canada.* *This is all pre-planned, Klaus Schwab The Great Reset Book, Agenda 21 (2021) Agenda 2030.*

  3. Don’t be fooled by the World Health Organization’s sugar-coated lies.
    Behind them is the Chinese Communist Party.
    China, which has spread the Wuhan pneumonia virus all over the world, has become the world’s largest country.
    Proceed with the damage compensation with apology! The entire human race will never forgive China. Currently, China is building a missile ship by remodeling a container ship.
    Let’s get China out of the United Nations!

  4. The universal values of all mankind on the planet Earth are free human rights and peace.
    But the Communist Party of China is destroying it, attacking all mankind, and in the future,
    It will be the axis of evil. The world must unite as one and fight against the Communist Party of China.
    That way, there is a future on Earth.
    China is a virus in the global environment of freedom, human rights and peace.

  5. Deben de transliterar para vacuna. Para panacea. Un sucedáneo. Recuerden que la pandemia esta en estado latente. Como le digo a mis contemporáneos. Por favor no sean sentimentales. Las emociones no sirven en estos momentos de crisis internacional. Hagan caso a los diplomáticos. Usando buenas costumbres y protocolos todo se puede. No saboteen los constructos con sus comentarios sin sustancia. No me creo nada. Además no me considero un sibarita. Tampoco Quisquilloso. Solo se busca compartir.

  6. El adjetivo quisquilloso, que designa al muy susceptible, al que se para en menudencias y todo parece agraviarle o molestarle, se deriva de quisquilla, palabra que designa una cosa ínfima sin valor y también a un tipo de camarón o gambilla de muy pequeño tamaño.

  7. Do not eat industrial seed oils!
    No Canola oil,
    No soybean oil,
    No cottonseed oil,
    No sunflower oil,
    No safflower oil,
    No peanut oil,
    No corn oil


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