4/20/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. How about another Stimulus check Mr president? You don’t actually think closing the country down for 3 months and leaving us with a 1,200$ check is going to be enough for people and family’s to live on do you? I feel like the PITCH FORKS ARE COMING soon! Prepare yourself…Remember you did this. 1200$ laughable. Meanwhile in Canada every Canadian “working or not” is getting 2,000$ a month for the next 6 Months. Again one time check for 1,200$ LAUGHABLE!

  2. *It ist always a great pleasure to hear and see President Trump’s Press Briefing here in Germany! I would like to participate in the public discussion with this small comment which is originally made in Canada:*

    *I’m sure the White House has the same or even better information, but ….*


    *Thank you everyone for making this press briefing possible online.*

  3. t’Rump regime are *TRAITORS* to the United States of America: They *SABOTAGED* America’s pandemic response. They were *DERELICT* in their duty to use the Defense Production Act to produce medical equipment & PPE. t’Rump regime is *AIDING & ABETTING* the spread of a pandemic. t’Rump regime is encouraging people to stop self-isolating.

    They are *SABOTAGING* the progress that individual states have struggled to make, without the benefit of any federal ally, and _despite_ the presence of a federal ENEMY.

    They *ATTACKED* the World Health Organization.

    All they’ve done is *SABOTAGE* Americans, and *LOOT* America’s public purse.

    Even at *THIS* late stage, they are *STILL DERELICT* in their duties. This is an *ATTACK* on the US population. Coming from the White House.

    *They FAILED Americans, they FAILED the world, and they’re actively TRYING to INCREASE the DEATH-TOLL on AMERICANS.*

  4. Do you remember HongKong influenza ?
    Kovid 19 l. Millennial scam
    We forgot it today, but the world experienced a health crisis very similar to that of 2020: the Hong Kong flu of 1968 which killed not 130,000 people in the world, like the Covid-19 at the mid-April, but well over 1 million, at a time when there were less than 4 billion people on the planet. Half the number today … In France, the same flu of 1968 killed 17,000 people, out of a population of 50 million (compared to 65 million in 2020). That’s to say if the alert was severe.
    However, the health system has not been overwhelmed, we have not confined an entire population to their home, the economy has not stopped, in short, no one thought for a second that a flu, as contagious as it was, was going to cause a planetary economic collapse similar to the crisis of 1929 …. must believe that in 2020 everyone has gone mad .. quickly let’s connect the cink Jay is waiting for us.


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