4/23/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. New epidemiology estimates that 90% of US death could have been prevented by just acting 2 weeks earlier. The estimated number of deaths falls sharply with earlier interventions – th US delay cost thousands of lives. If trump had stopped the rallies and golfing just two weeks earlier people all over this country republicans and democrats wouldn’t be crushed by the loss of a loved one right now.

  2. Please don’t tell these reporters about Vitamin D or we have an immune system, it will only make them go crazy! I really love how our president does these daily briefings. More people are researching these topics. Those who research will find your connection to Tesla’s research and what he was doing to heal all sickness.

  3. MSM has done themselves a serious Injustice. They could have been heroes and Patriots but now, it’s just a matter of time. We the people have had it with their BS.

  4. You can bet the chinese descent reporter is on the payroll of the ccp her questions are always arrogant and full of negativity

    I don’t understand the big deal about the UV light I have a water purifier with the UV light , QVC did sell them, also a UV C-pap cleaner and anything that could fit in the unit. I also have a UV wand I brought 4 or 5 years ago to clean surfaces like couch or chair or anything had to clean, or disinfect. Every thing we have today comes from those who inquire or get inspiration or ideas and than go test it out…… the ignorance in the news today, reporters are so lacking in their education, as well as in their culture history. In Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

  6. Fake-News Hoax: Trump recommends that the public inject bleach into their veins!

    What actually happened: An expert told the press that sunlight, summer temperatures, summer humidity levels, UV light, and disinfectants like bleach and isopropyl alcohol have proven to be very effective at killing the Coronavirus in saliva droplets on surfaces and in the air. This is presumably why virus outbreaks are seasonal: not because people go outside, but because natural summer conditions much more quickly kill the virus outside of the body, both indoors and outdoors. Disinfectants act almost instantly.

    Trump then says that the researchers are looking into using UV light on and inside the human body to kill the virus, and then he asks the expert if there is some way to apply the instant action of the disinfectants inside of the body, since it would be fantastic if such a method were feasible, and Trump explicitly says that only medical experts should conduct such research.

    Both sides are doing their best to obfuscate what was actually talked about. The left is trying to convince the public that Trump ordered them to inject themselves with bleach, and the right is trying to pretend that Trump didn’t talk about bleach at all. I had to watch the actual press conference itself: 19:48.

    As it turns out, Trump’s instincts are correct on both counts. The disinfecting effect of UV light is well known, and some methods are safe to apply to the skin, and some companies are looking into applying inside the body.

    Medical researches have also used aerosolized diluted hydrogen peroxide, a type of disinfectant, that is breathed directly into the lungs as an effective and proven therapy to treat all types of cornaviruses. Hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and is a mechanism that the cells of the body naturally use to fight germs.

    But the Fake News freaks out and spews disinformation about injecting and consuming cleaning products again. To be clear: don’t huff or eat Lysol, bleach, fish-tank cleaner, Tide Pods, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, or any other cleaning products at home. That should really go without saying! Though OTOH, maybe the world would be better off without people who can’t figure this out! Maybe the Fake News is trying to talk some team player into voluntarily committing suicide in order to try to embarrass Trump.

  7. Lead by example Donald. I say you should be the first to test this injecting disinfectant course of action. It’s a brilliant idea, as you say.

  8. Humm🤔 she sounds creepy 1:00:02 “we want the whole country to go down” ( with a smirk smile) she reminds me bill gates talking about killing 700,000 people to die or more with the money that bill gates paid to these Doctors, dr Jeckle fauci and Mrs Hyde birx making killer vaccines💉 around the world. money talks, bs walks! The truth has to come out sooner or later!

  9. Trump is genius and ahead of science. “Disinfectant” as a term encompasses all substances that kill microbes but bec some are used outside the body (surfaces and objects, termed fomites) and others are used for the body (internally or over the skin), we call the former disinfectants and sanitizers, and the latter antibiotics.
    Trump is nudging science to find something we can use internally directly where the virus is, in the same manner we use pentamidine via nebulizer in treatment and prophylaxis of certain long infections. He was asking the scientific community to come up with such a modality, perhaps an an aeroslized antiviral to reach the alveoli where the virus is. Unfortunately the media and most viewers of such briefing will not conceptualize what he meant, and instead label him as “idiot, moron, 5 y o kid, 3 y o kid, etc”. All Trump critcizers should be labeled, as such not him.

  10. OK How’s this
    1. We do not know how many people have been EXPOSED or RECOVERED
    2. We do not know how many people could be immune
    3. Most ‘tracking” stats use the >>entire<< population ie US population but NOT COVID -2019 = https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/us-population/ 4,. What is the current US fatalities even by your state: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_the_United_States 5. >>>ALL STATISTICS ARE BASED ON LAB data ONLY<<< 6. So folks what IS THE REAL percentage of COVID 2019 fatalities vs the NATION's POPULATION... is it less than 1 percent? less than 100th of 1 percent? less than 1000th of 1 percent? Or even less? Remember "1. and 2." above (and compare with your STATES) 7. I.m sorry about NY, NJ and MA but you know the country can feed you and watch over you ... but we got to get back to work, you know THE SHOW MUST GO ON, WE NEED TO MOVE FORWARD, we will be too busy doing and creating; PRESENTLY and in REALITY and the REAL WORLD we can't wait for you ... you three states can take a break ... we'll temporarily move the media networks, etc to other states and you guys can take a break for a while and get healthy ... We got this

  11. I am glad these press conferences occur. People can then make up their own minds on what the President is saying directly……. rather than the media spin on it

  12. Geez, he didn’t say anything about injecting disinfectant literally. He said “something like that, that amounts to cleaning”, the way disinfectant kills germs (outside of the body). Of course, the media don’t report it like that. They make it sound like he said to take some disinfectant, put it in a syringe and inject in your body, which he didn’t.

  13. Trump: We know that disinfectants like bleach can get rid of COVID-19. If we can have something like that for inside our bodies, that would be great…



  14. I’m the president and you’re fake news…
    Uh why have press briefings. Why not say you’re sarcastic at the briefing? Dumbass.
    Hamberders and covfefe killing his Adderall snorting brain


  16. Great president.great team.i had plenty of ass-wipe because I subscribed to the new York times newspaper.best use of the rag

  17. Totally overlooked the black lady she had her hand up for a question several times overlooked the camera man overlooked her

  18. Trump signature on the check for stimulus bill is to remind the everyone 2020 pandemic where tens thousand Americans died due to trump incompetence and massive failure

  19. It’s prrtty damn clear that Trump is a danger to the whole world… injecting bleach ffs ?! Perhaps he could try it on himself first…

  20. Sean Hannity: 2 years of college, *dropped out without completing a degree*

    Rush Limbaugh: 2 years of college, *dropped out without completing a degree*

    Alex Jones: 2 years of *community college, dropped out w/o completing a degree*

    Glenn Beck: HS diploma

    Rachel Maddow, BA Stanford, Rhodes Scholarship, PhD Oxford

    Jake Tapper: BA magna cum laude Dartmouth, Phi Beta Kappa

    Ari Melber: BA UMich, JD Cornell

    Chris Cuomo: BA Yale, JD Fordham

    Nicole Wallace: BA UC-Berkeley, MA Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern

  21. President Trump did nothing wrong during the fight against the epidemic, and media people who make fake news will be nailed to the stigma of history.

  22. People are fucking stupid to think he said lysol is a good means of killing the coronavirus in the human body.

    He ASKS about the testing of a DISINFECTANT. Nowhere does he mention lysol. People see that bleach and lysol can kill coronavirus, then stupidly assume they should huff it… this is so stupid


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