Be Best 2 Year Anniversary



  1. It tears me up inside to see handicapped or sick children. If only Jesus walked the Earth now, he could heal them all.

  2. Brings tears of gratitude to me, thank you for being an incredible example and helping the children-we know you really do care-God Bless you!!🙏🇺🇸👍👏

  3. At the end of video, last classroom – OWLS in ceramic & large painting. Lots of Owls. Hm? I’ve been learning about the shadow side of how that symbol has been used. I’m sure the First Lady is alert & I trust she will protect all children as best she can.

  4. Beautiful message Melania, you are a Angel. Thank you for the hard work you and president Trump are doing to keep our country together. We love you both ❤❤ . Be safe .
    God and Jesus bless you and keep you safe always.

  5. First Lady Melania seems so sincere. We are a fortunate country to have her as out First Lady! God Bess our First Lady!

  6. For First Lady I know some times you want see her god mercy her I think you know what I talking about but she life in the heart of you love you First Lady and respect you

  7. She is like our Queen for USA…so lovely, beautiful, articulate, compassionate and kind. Truly a beautiful mother and a wonderful representative for our country!

  8. Maybe the greatest First Lady ever..Atleast in the past couple decades. She began as a model & now she’s doing inspirational work to humanity !

  9. What is she saying? I can’t understand. Is she repeating a Michelle Obama speech again? At least she kept her clothes on for this ad.

  10. She seems a lovely person. Why can’t she teach her husband the ‘kindness and compassion’ that she promotes? Just wondering…

  11. 멜라니아 여사님 의 따뜻한 손길이 새상을 덮어가고 있습니다
    특별히 어린이 들애게요


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