Closing of the virtual WHA73 in time of COVID-19



  1. You skew the death rate results by dividing the dominator only on reported cases, not on total cases, Stanford university done a study which supports their claim, this isn’t about right or left, this is about showing the truth, why no is acting and stopping this crisis of bad decisions based on wrong calculations! You have no integrity

  2. WHO slogan: Leaving no one behind: Equity, gender and human rights policy to practice
    How dare you talk about human right…
    Leave no one behind? Then where is Taiwan??

  3. 1 WHO failed on his duty and now is joking to united this organization is responsible for covid 19.
    2 china destroy the evidence
    3 hydroxychloroquine is important medicine but educated people in the world don’t believe because it is indian product

  4. Thank you for providing reliable information based on science and reason, and also for your efforts to contain the pandemic.


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