Colorado coronavirus update April 24


Gov. Jared Polis gives an update on Colorado’s response to COVID-19.

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  1. 100 deaths in a day, not a spike? I’m sorry don’t believe that. If #s have been inaccurate for 4-5 wks, why did you cite them??

  2. All good I’m making 4k a month now and saving money from this unemployment here in Colorado and since I have already done ALOT of prison time this is all super easy since its not like jail or prison so super easy 😁 to stay “home”

  3. How many people have been recovered and sent home use haven’t mentioned how many people that been sent home we care about our community recovering from this what are the numbers that recovered and then sent home

  4. We should be able to have some freedom as long as we take precautions what we do. Why think negative things we need to think about positive thoughts how we can get through this n get our country back on track n get people better. If ur sick stay at home if people can wear mask if that makes them safe we have a roght to leave

  5. My question is what’s the point in a stay at home order when you send the entire population to king soopers and walmart. Camping with your family I dont understand how that is a risk I cant think of a more isolated task. Also I’d like to add the unemployment delay in 600 a week funds was longer than many states. Last week they delayed regular payments almost 72 hours that isnt allowed by our employers why should it be allowed by unemployment that money is depended upon during this scenario. The call center to the unemployment center is still under staffed and cant fulfill the call need. The good news is the first 600 dollar payments have finally gone out. To deny recreation while sending everyone to Walmart and king soopers just doesnt make since. The other thing I would like to add is that why were the hospitals not donating to a statewide stockpile. They are privately owned public traded can we not force them to contribute to a stockpile to make sure thier perspective population is guaranteed enough equipment.


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