Colorado Gov. Polis outlines dates which certain businesses can start to reopen next week


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday outlined which dates certain businesses will be allowed to start reopening next week once the statewide stay-at-home order expires.


  1. Here’s Korea, according to the Korean press
    Emergency airlift for 300,000 times of test kits from Colorado
    “Around 150,000 Corona19 diagnostic kits arrive in Korea this weekend,” Colorado Gov. Jared Poles told reporters Tuesday.,It will increase by 150,000 more next month. “

  2. If we have to wear suffocation devices ie: masks while doing physical labor then EVERYONE coming in to leisurely shop for home decor and Funko pops needs to wear one also!

  3. Polis you are the most worthless douche, the blood of countless Coloradans is on your hands. Stick an oil pipeline up your ass.

  4. How many people have been recovered and sent home use haven’t mentioned how many people that been sent home we care about our community recovering from this what are the numbers that recovered and then sent home.when can our bars n restaurants and our parks reopen?? What about pueblo we don’t have much cases here reopen our town so we can get back to work

  5. Too soon Gov. Polis! I love you, but I think covid 19 policies are too late, not enough and too soon. Please have a moratorium on rent evictions and late payments.


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