Colorado restaurants prep to open for dining while awaiting governor’s order


Paint is going up at Palenque in Littleton and the empty seats might have people in them this coming week, after Gov. Jared Polis decides Monday whether or not restaurants statewide can resume dine-in options and when.


  1. Can’t wait to see the mask up roar and new numbers about 6 weeks from now. Money over community health.
    Go Colorado!

  2. Stop believing those criminals. Wake up people!

    Certificate of Vaccination ID 19 is a hoax! There is no virus. You have been hoaxed.

  3. More people died in plane crashes in the last 3 days than young, healthy people with no underlying conditions died of COVID for the last 3 months. Scamdemic, of course old people die of infectious diseases.

  4. Let the stupid people be stupid and get sick. I’ll do what I can to stay healthy including staying away from these places and people.


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