First Lady Melania Trump’s Message for 2020 Graduates



  1. ❤ Congratulations class of 2020💥💥💥
    Thank you First Lady for your unending support for the young generations. ⚘

  2. Nur weil es die ” September 11 attacks – Krise ” gab und viele Angelsachen da durch viel Geld verloren haben , wurde meine Jugend mit ” Schreihals -Bands ” wie Billy Talent zugepflastert . Das Leben ist Bitter wenn man die Wahrheit kennt . mfg eure Conny

  3. From the catastrophic blow of the CCP virus , if graduates can soberly realize that the CCP is an evil regime that must be kept away.
    And recognize that the communist ideology is a virus that grinding the foundations of the United States. In the future life path, making
    the right choice will not only bring good luck to themselves, but also bring good luck to the United States.

  4. Dear President Trump and First Lady Trump, and All “Thank you very much” for the “AID” check to me and the people.. I really appreciate your help. God Bless you and to the First Lady Melania Trump. Would you please please please help my son too? I have only one son. I am an old mom. Again, Thank you President Trump and First Lady Trump and All. Kim xox

  5. Be your best self. Marry someone older than your father for money. Be best at scamming, at lying, at chain migrating and laying on your back for a pay check

  6. Thank you!!’ We love you First Lady of the USA!!
    Continued prayers for strength, peace and wisdom. ❤️
    Trump 2Q2Q 🇺🇸

  7. Why did they have to pan on the Masonic Order logo to make a big deal about it? They could just focus on the student’s faces.

  8. I am trying for another child and hope it’s a girl .if it is I will name her Melania ..I hope she has a presence of class and grace just like the First lady .xoxo

  9. I love First Lady Milania, she is one of a kind!!! She is special!!! God Bless First Lady Trump and God Bless the Trump family. God Bless you my President Trump!!!!

  10. Congrats ! To the school’s College’s classes of 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅

  11. You speak from your heart and the people know it. Thank you for caring about our future generations. Thank you for being America’s first lady. Grateful for all you do.


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