Gov. Polis delivers COVID-19 update on National Nurses Day


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis thanked frontline health care workers on National Nurses Day and discussed more of the state’s plans to increase testing and contact tracing with the move to “safer at home.”


  1. Why hasn’t Jared Polis said the word nutrition? Has he? Did I miss it? What about vitamin? Did he say it? And who is scared of this math? Seriously?

  2. You can’t just stop people from dying. Covid19 or not, it’s the cycle of life. Take care of yourself and live your best. Period.

  3. Polis your a liar and a thief. By thief I’m mean your still getting paid on our tax dollars and yes YOU WORK FOR US. you WILL NOT be reelected your the worst govenor in Colorado history. And your little buddy Hancock he going with you. You should be in jail for crimes against your citizens.

  4. All I hear is the muffled sounds of Charlie Brown’s school teacher. This dipshit is going to keep dick-tasting… I mean dictating a new and improved, but similar mandate, every thirty days.
    “We’ve lost over 850 lives.” How many have died from heart disease since this started? Ban fast food! Band cigarettes! Mandate a healthy diet and a fitness routine. It’s all about saving lives!!
    It’s called building an immune system… let it get back to Work.


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