Gov. Polis delivers update on COVID-19 as some retailers begin to reopen under “safer at home” phase


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis discussed the executive orders he issued Thursday night and the move by some businesses to begin reopening Friday under the safer at home phase.


  1. News flash Polis… The gig is up… You ruined our lives… Those death numbers DO NOT REFLECT ACTUAL COVID DEATHS… Stop the Tyrranny… Quit scaring the Sheep and Order Followers… USA… USA… USA…

  2. What a overreach and grab for power not inherent in his position. Gov Polis is dealing with 770+ deaths..1/2 over 80…75% over 60…and for that he destroys the lives of everyday Coloradans?? Between the asshole governor and the asshole mayor of Denver…they are running a race to see exactly who can destroy more lives in Colorado.

  3. Fraudulent numbers, mostly other causes of death marked as COVID. Medically-induced comas/ventilator-injuries, which lead to deaths, marked as COVID.
    All to push unconstitutional orders, to kill the economy, using intellectually dishonest fear-mongering. This is economic terrorism and Polis is guilty.

  4. WHO says THEY WERE WRONG to lock down under China lockdown protocols. Reopen Colorado and quit the brainwashing.

  5. I need help for unemployment please i want to pay bills food no body pick up the phone we need help 🙏 please

  6. Then he lies about the death rate for over 65….no science here from this guy. Just a lot of overreach and no mention of the Bill of Rights. Guys a joke

  7. When can people go back to working at goodwill what date! When can starpoint Start going back to regular community services what date!


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