Gov. Polis discusses Day of Remembrance, COVID-19 deaths in Colorado in May 15 news conference


Gov. Jared Polis discussed deaths from COVID-19 Colorado ahead of Friday night’s moment of silence on the Day of Remembrance.


  1. The lady in the background who does the sign language for Polis hit my car and was gonna run but I was right there… very little damage…just goes to show you.

  2. News reporters- learn how to use a mic! Who is doing your press release sound?! It’s appallingly unprofessional.

  3. Tell them unemployment to pick up the phone please we have problems hungry no food no pay bill we’re still waiting almost 3 we need help please 🙏

  4. He let a prisoner out (to protect his gentle soul from corona ) and the guy killed a 21 yr old female. If that is not bad enough…here is his response on a radio show today..”He was getting out in August anyway” WTH??? !!! If he had served his full sentence, that women might still be ALIVE!!! This is so backwards!!! Kill the innocent, and free the guilty. Pig.

  5. How about a day of remembrance for Heather Perry who was murdered by Cornelius Haney three weeks after he was paroled. Why was he paroled? Because this feckless communist signed legislation allowing prisons to grant early parole due to overcrowding concerns with coronavirus. So even though the actual number of CV deaths in Colorado was adjusted DOWN by 300, you can’t go to a restaurant or to the gym if you want to, but people in prison can be turned out on the street to commit murder.

  6. Jared: 

    I have nothing against your call for a day of remembrance for those
    that died from the China Virus.  However, what about remembering those
    that may have committed suicide or attempted it, those that have been
    laid off,
    those that are now homeless, those that have lost their businesses and
    life savings, the newly hungry, et al all through no fault of their own;
    but as
    a result of your inept bungling and lack of BOLD leadership that had you
    laser focused on the misguided attempt at complete containment and
    saving every
    life at any cost?  Don’t these people deserve to be remembered?

    Dennis Prager wrote a good article on the lockdowns possibly being the
    biggest mistake ever made.  I urge you to be BOLD and read something put
    forth by a wise and logical thinker that isn’t a Leftist.

    The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History


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