Governor Jared Polis COVID-19 Update (May 4, 2020)


Colorado Governor Jared Polis provides an update on Colorado’s response to COVID-19 on Monday, May 4, 2020.

➡️Today’s Presentation:
➡️Press Release:
➡️COVID-19 Updates from CDPHE:
➡️Colorado COVID-19 Resources:
➡️Donate computers:


  1. Sick and tired of politicians standing on the graves of people to try and push their agenda. You disgust me Polis!

    Also genius, you touch the front of your face mask then the inside with your hands then put it back on your face. You just negated any safety that mask was suppose to give you. This is why CDC initially said DON’T wear masks because if you don’t do it correctly you negate any benefit and just end up infecting yourself. But you power hungry politicians cant stand to waste a fake crisis to try and gain more power.


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