International Nurses Day


International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.


  1. As a Medical doctor working along side with COVID-19 patients and other healthcare workers I would like to say

    Thank you to our frontliner who’re trying to save other people’s lives while putting their own lives at risk with the help of W.H.O incompetency for letting the virus spread worldwide

    Thank you Xi Jinping for the pandemic

    And thank you Tedros for being a good CCP’s puppy dog

  2. You guys are so necesary. Keep working for a unite global response as you do despite the dificulties and the hate. Thank you all nurses, thank you Doctors, thank you concious and responsible people in every corner that are showing the best of us as human beings.

  3. When I see this man my blood get boiled ,UNGA fire this incompetent, Chinese lapdog .World health organization could become reason for my blood pressure,so I’m unsubscribing it.

  4. Nurses are ashamed of you!!!!
    Shut the hell up!!!!!
    They only want you to resign as a thank….
    How many nurses did you kill by false reporting the covid-19 facts!!!!
    Shame on you!!!!!

  5. I’m only not disliking this because I support the REAL doctors and nurses around the world but I do not support this man.

  6. Very soon, this a,s,sH0Le will come to a crossroads when he sees himself at the Hague. He’ll get to decide whether it’s life in prison or a double tap to the head from a CCP pistol to silence him.

  7. Canada’s head doctor is a member of the WHO where her loyalties lie and not to the Canadian point. At one point as things were getting really bad not just in Canada, but worldwide, the WHO’s dr Theresa Tam told Canadians that only those sick with the CCP virus should wear masks after PM Trudeau gave China all of Canada’s masks. Yes, lets give a mask that makes it really hard to breath to someone sick that has problems breathing. Nothing odd about that, nope.

  8. Yoᥙ ᥣყιᥒg ριᥱᥴᥱs of sh!t ᥲrᥱ thᥱ rᥱᥲsoᥒ ᥕhყ thoᥙsᥲᥒds of ᥒᥙrsᥱs gᥲvᥱ thᥱιr ᥣιvᥱs fιghtιᥒg thᥱ WHOhᥲᥒ fᥣᥙ. Yoᥙ rᥲᥒᥴιd dog tᥙrds ᥲrᥱ dᥱsᥱᥴrᥲtιᥒg thᥱιr mᥱmorყ jᥙst bყ sρᥱᥲkιᥒg of thᥱm.

  9. I wish he would wear a mask as his face winds me up a full face mask, i suppose a plastic bag is to much to ask at least he would know how it feels to be fighting for oxygen. I promise to remove the bag when he turns blue honest.

  10. Respected sir, You are the main Culprit for this COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in the world. You will be question from the whole worlds people. If you and China did not hide the main causes then my beautiful world never seen truck of dead body. Oh! Who, I am saying. After all you are not a doctor, how you justify the problem, yours matter only hold WHO director chair by the support of China. Perhapes worlds people save you but almighty won’t pardon you forever. God bless you.


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