Leaders call for solidarity to confront COVID-19


At the 73rd World Health Assembly in May 2020 global health and political leaders called for unity and solidarity to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about the World Health Organization and the World Health Assembly: https://www.who.int/about/governance/world-health-assembly/seventy-third-world-health-assembly/the-who-and-the-wha-an-explainer


  1. These leaders know the value of the WHO. To those trolls that are happy to accuse and condemn, what makes you think that you know better?

  2. This company is corrupt, has Bill Gates as the biggest donator, and the person in charge of the company, who also called for lockdown is supposed to be in prison for indirect murder on purpose in Africa. Just like Bill Gates paralyzed and killed thousands of children in India with his vaccines. They have it as their goal: Vaccine ID (ID2020)
    In October 2019, Bill Gates foundation held an event named ‘Event 201’ in which they discussed a coronavirus pandemic. There is no coincidence. These people are sick and only want money and power. Do your own research. Fuck WHO

  3. WHO leaders choosing to praise CCP has legitimized propaganda, secrecy and lack of cooperation in responding to the pandemic. Calling for solidarity with this is distasteful. No apology. No integrity. Sad.

  4. Ha ha more jokes from Bill gates inc. there is already plenty of solidarity the New World Order is working together ganging up on humanity to destroy and enslave us all with this fake made up virus hoax

  5. thats not what leaders have called for you looney tunes. how can you keep ignoring all of this? lol i guess that is no what the CCP is paying your leaders to do


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