Live from the virtual WHA73.



  1. Tedros and his CCP master Winnie the Flu have blood on their hands and should both hang. De-fund the WHO until scumbag Tedros is gone.

  2. Tedros,you should allow Other foreign countries to investigate on Chinese virology lab and Chinese scientists.Or else you should resign.

  3. 24 million taiwanese people are left neglected by WHO. WHO is just a political organisation. The only solution is to disband it.

  4. You are truly the most evil organization the universe has ever had. You’ve destroyed our economy and stolen our rights for no reason whatsoever. If any justice exists in the world someday someone will visit your headquarters and do a Charlie Hebdo.

  5. I”m from India I support Taiwan to be part in this 73Rd World Health Assembly…..
    Otherwise it was shame on world Health organization Taiwan informed earlier about Covid 19 But W.H.O not Responded

  6. Oh my god….I had to speed the video up to 1.5 times just to be able to listen to this woman President speak. Is she drugged or what? Spit it out lady!!


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