Live from WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 06 May 2020


Originally broadcast live on 06 May 2020, the daily press briefing on coronavirus COVID-19, direct from WHO Headquarters, Geneva Switzerland with Dr Tedros WHO Director-General, Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme.


  1. Did you enjoy the tax payer paid lavish dinners on your 3rd mission to China where you accomplished nothing Dr Maria?
    We the common people are paying with our lives now for your mishandling, and you cannot even apologise to us… this is the state of the world today. No truth, no justice, and no accountability.
    Whatever your agenda for the world is, you have failed in every sense of the world.
    Please spare us the details of what you did that didn’t lead to an outcome we all needed.
    You have nothing to defend anymore, the world is in shambles.

  2. “You can run but you can’t hide your time has come to an end. The truth is about to be unveiled”

  3. Poor doctors and nurses had to passed away. Why don’t u use iron as personal protect equipment? I think they should be iron man to service people. Cause corona only stay few hours on iron thar plastic can stay few days. Think about it, evaluate your service and get new solution to save people

  4. Bring the legal council in wearing a cheap suit to answer any questions regarding Taiwan. Especially when the question was directed to Tetros. And what is this “Taiwan China” it’s just “Taiwan” …I see it on products made in Taiwan. It’s never written made in “Taiwan China” You sound really stupid. He looks like he needed a dog biscuit thrown to him when he was done.

  5. We know to Little of the Corona virus, Lets study it becourse from hiv virus after 8 jears you can get aids, and the virus have 8 receptors One is Like hiv virus. Take your vitamine D and C. That really seems to work, the future wil tel us more.

  6. Remember 14 th January? Yes the no evidence of human transmission post and downplaying the virus’s threats. Thank you for telling that now we have to holed up in home for months.

  7. Look what who said in 1948
    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

    — Dr George Brock Chisholm, who served as the first Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 1948 to 1953

  8. WHO still in Geneva? I thought they’ve moved to China. I lost track of the goings-on because of this lockdown.

  9. My explanation about UN2758 and china’s lied and world current situation which had 8 people agreed yesterday had deleted by you here, also deleted by UN at UN’s comments, shame!!

  10. As always, the 3 doctors are very informative. Thank you for all you do to keep people safe.

  11. It is China and WHO that are politically utilizing the world, not the criticizing US, that divides the world.

  12. Tedros keeps on saying cheesy big words and being melodramatic but actually he is not updating the world. He is confusing the world.

  13. If I recall correctly the doctor from New York who spoke after the team went to China the end of February with his description…. he said he received the codes on that trip. Plus he had not slept. Etc… And I also remember one earlier trip that WHO went that is when I started tuning in to this issue and the WHO. I am aware about jumps from animals to humans but I feel we need more defining of what is normal flora et what is not with neutrality. We all are genetically modified. Thanks to all.

  14. Thankfully, Less than 2% die from COVID, and most of those have comorbidities (e.g. obesity, heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes), many of which are preventable through lifestyle modification. What if our public health leaders started reminding us that we have power to modify these factors that make COvID particularly dangerous to us Americans, instead of engaging in demagoguery-laden fear-mongering and political divisiveness?

  15. Is this people in WHO trying to save lives or trying to make this into a political situation…can they all just grow up? Billions of lives are at stake here and we need to have mature people helping the world…

  16. estos son los pinches titeres de satan ….y los que quieren acabar con la poblacion como si estos putos scorias fueran los creadores de la vida pinches ignorantes de mierda..

  17. Dr. Tedros is no friend of the world,. Someone from the world will send dr. Tedros a clear message he failed to do his job. Our brothers, sisters, mothers,fathers, died from coronavirus. Dr.tedros you had something to do with their deaths. And for that you will pay.

  18. This is another step towards globalisation, take your pills now people, do as you’re told. China has made it work so well for their people (sic) now its our turn!!


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