Live from WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 13 MAY 2020


Originally broadcast live on 13 May 2020, the daily press briefing on coronavirus COVID-19, direct from WHO Headquarters, Geneva Switzerland with Dr Tedros WHO Director-General, Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme.


  1. WHO should change their name to WHOre, because they are China’s WHOre. The Wuhan flu should be renamed to the WHOhan flu for lying on behalf of the CCP and letting this become a pandemic.

  2. Respectful UNO instead of saving ‘L’ strain & ‘S’ strain, tell all scientists, doctors, experts, etc. like this :-
    L=Large strain or Long strain
    S=Small strain or Short strain
    So, anybody can easily understood it. Nobody will get confused by mistake also!
    Small strain patients take 15 days to recover, death rate is low, small strain spreading speed is slow.
    Large strain patients take 1 month to recover, death rate is high, large strain spreading speed is high.
    Now you see UNO how it is very easy for every1 to remember about both strains.

  3. Die ganze Welt weiss wie wichtig Vitamin D ist um einen möglichst milden Verlauf von Covid19 zu haben. Aber die WHO redet nie über solche einfache Massnahmen sondern immer nur über Impfungen oder chemische Tabletten die sowieso nur auf der IPS eingesetzt werden. Es würde den Menschen viel bringen wenn die WHO solche praktisch anwendbare Tipps zusammentragen und v.a. mitteilen würde. Hier versagt die WHO aus meiner Sicht komplett. Von Impfungen die es noch gar nicht gibt wird hingegen ständig gesprochen.

  4. when those people are going to face an international court of justice or they are going to be protected because some are ie american citizens

  5. If This is not go away
    How d Chinese govt has controled .when the world at zero but Chinese gotta 80k but now world gotta 50lac still China have 80k nomore extra patients how they controlled even other countries are controlled better than China still cases are increasing throughly but Chinese govt had controlled how it possible???
    Either they are lieing about d matter of virus or they just keep hiding! And WHO is a shield to d China by covering there mistakes
    100% it just a manmade virus and
    I strongly believe that vaccine would be out at with in this 2 or 3 months
    I would like to ask a WHO How d Chinese government controlled?
    Still there is no. Perfect answer
    Why they are hiding the truth ?
    Like China like who
    All I can say is Fuck this virus
    STAY STRONG & BE SAFE and don’t panic at all

  6. All I know is that they gladly took our tax paying money to prevent this shit from happening. The most epic fail of the millennium.

  7. Boil “EUCALYPTUS” leaves or oil in tightly covered pot filled with water then remove the pot from heat to inhale the “VAPORS”.

    It is not a “VACCINE” of “COVID-19” but it can decrease the “Death rate” by improving respiratory conditions.
    (We can save many lives)

    Please test “EUCALYPTUS”.
    use it untill the proper “VACCINE” have not develop.

  8. We need to stop arguing about the details, these liars are criminals, there is no proof whatsoever that any pandemic is occurring. Wake up people

  9. Another pointless speech from the corrupt WHO. They have let humanity down in support of the CCP and their wallets. Jail for Tedros!

  10. these people still have audacity to address the world and act like they are trying to save lives. only if you had done your job properly in the early stage


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