Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. For fair investigations some of the WHO culprits should not be the part of investigating eg Tedros….
    WW3 will be because of WHO failure to exercise at appropriate time and being manuplated by CCP-China.

  2. I had, used vicks warm steam vaporizer to get kill the coronavirus just in case then I felt, something being, removed out of me.

  3. Don’t mention the environment you bunch of fraudsters, this virus hoax has increased pollution and waste all those plastic walls everywhere, single use crap and all the gloves and masks littered everywhere, btw I never seen any biohazard containers put up for people to dispose into, thought it was so contagious what a load of crap, not to mention people using chemical disinfectants and aerosols, people are going to come out of this will destroyed immune systems because of all the lies.

  4. These are the same people who openly criticized countries for instigating travel bans on China while China was itself banning local travel and buying up/hoarding medical supplies from around the world. They have totally discredited themselves and will soon be made redundant….guess that’s why they are now asking for donations for their new funding system. Just trash!

  5. Your biggest funder is the richest man in the world so I don’t think funding is a realistic problem for the future of WHO

  6. Tedros shame on you and your family.looted WHO money and you had built so much of wealth on the dead people. now you are still asking donations as you want to make more money.

  7. Tedros failed to perform the only one and most important basic duty that was to protect people from viral diseases . Countries could have managed to improve their health infrastructure if they had not given money /donations to WHO . This guy has brought down the credibility of organisation . What’s the point of calling yourself World health when you acted like a Chinese puppet

  8. No Covid-19 virus! This virus must be called Wu han, China virus. Why do they experiment with Corona and AIDS virus?? futhermore, Why do they hide this fact?? I am very annoyed.

  9. Tedros is hiding in Switzerland in his WHO office, but Switzerland police haven’t arrested him yet? The question is who is resisting his arrest and why he hasn’t been fired and criminally charged for the damage he has caused to this world? Boycott Swis products since they are sheltering Tedros!

  10. WHO is a bad joke..totallly incompetent. Probably the main issue is corrupt leaders…like the Indian guy…Dr. Tedros…in China’s pocket.

  11. What’s wrong here, this people failed to contain this virus, now have all the answers, this is complete garbage, and a friendly question been order to ask, what corrupt this organisation is, shame on you, blood is in your hands…….


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