OpenWHO launches two tobacco product regulation courses


WHO expounds the importance and relevance of tobacco product regulation, in the context of wider tobacco control, in the two online courses now available on Open WHO. These courses address key questions on product regulation, with respect to the contents, emissions and design characteristics of these products and make WHO’s handbooks on tobacco product regulation more accessible. By the end of the courses, participants should better understand the basics of tobacco product regulation, the principles of testing, and how these can be applied to their country context.

A certificate of achievement will be issued to those who complete the course material and earn at least 80% of the maximum number of points from all graded assignments. Both courses are freely accessible to the public at


  1. World don’t need Wohan Health organisation. Don’t lie anymore, step down Mr Tedros now. Shame on you!! corrupted leader.

  2. Why when everyone in China wear surgical masks and stop the virus successfully, w h o tell other country masks is not necessary ????? Why healthy don’t nees to wear mask, why healthy people need to wear condom

  3. Tell everyone in the world wear masks to stop virus please, tell every country to ramp up production of masks please. Stop the virus spread in 2 months please

  4. Is this girl real? She looks computerized.
    WHO, why are they discussing this? Smoking is dangerous period and will cause cancer at the least.
    WHO is united with Gates & the Clinton’s. Do not trust them or the vaccine coming.

  5. People who uses nicotine are less likely to contract the virus according to a new study and they know this…thats why….


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