Polis: Diverse stay-home orders are appropriate for Colorado


Colorado’s stay-home policy will be less restrictive beginning Monday, but a patchwork of slightly different policies will be in place across the state. Kyle spoke with Gov. Jared Polis about why he thinks that’s a good thing, except in Weld County, where commissioners want every business to be allowed to open. They also discussed the coronavirus outbreak at the Sterling correctional facility and last week’s stay-home order protest near the capitol.

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  1. Thank you Governor Polis. You are facing unimaginable challenges, and you have proven my initial opinion of you very wrong. please keep it up! You’re doing a hard job, an impossible job, and doing it well. Same goes for you kyle clark! thank you.

  2. Wow there prisoner that are locked up staying where they are an still got the shit wow so does that mean the fucking mask an stay at home an close shit is working lmao what fucking joke stop eating ppl ur shit honestly stay at home anit working stop tryen to control ppls like fuck


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