Polis provides update on state’s COVID-19 response


Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) provided a Monday update on Colorado’s response to COVID-19.

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  1. Who the hell does this guy think he is? I’m guessing he never swore an oath to the constitution. He is supposed to work for the people of his state, not the snitches… WTF?

  2. Please speak to something other than stopping the spread. I feel as if I’m hearing the same update day after day with nothing new, different or insightful shared. Why are these updates not speaking to the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle through proven dietary practices that prevent diabetes and insulin resistance?? Many of the people who have died as a result of contacting this virus fall into that profile. Now is the time to be talking to the general public about the importance of cutting out over processed foods. This is the perfect opportunity. Hiding from the virus does not make you any healthier or prepared when the next one comes around. The first line of defense is healing illness in the body. Thank you for being willing to think in a different direction.

  3. This dude seriously has contradicted himself so many times in this video is it one in ten people or one in three or four people that need to be hospitalized

  4. the only signing that woman is doing is virtue signalling. donde estas la signer de espanol? what about the arabs? you had to pick a white woman? what about the blacks? it looks like she’s standing up, what about people in wheel chairs. WHAT ABOUT deaf people with one arm!? they live here too, you bigots! she could have just sat there in the corner doing the jerk off motion the whole speech and it’d have been more valuable.

  5. The focus should be on all ages ……….not just on the elderly as there are many younger people including children that are immunocompromised that may not make it through a battle with this virus

  6. Polis is an inhuman Monster! Quick to take away our freedom and step on our Rights, has yet to return them! It’s time for a recall!


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