President Trump Delivers Remarks at Ford Rawsonville Components Plant


Ypsilanti, MI


  1. 🇩🇪👑🇩🇪 PHILIPPE Prince GERMANY 🇩🇪👑🇩🇪memo :feldjager, wrote: Lessons day of today. 1. 🇩🇪, this is the GERMANY Flags ? 2. 🇩🇪👑🇩🇪? , GERMANY Crown of Prince. 🇺🇸🇻🇮🇺🇸The President of USA 2020.🇺🇸🇻🇮🇺🇸

  2. This video should be seen by millions of people, so they could easily understand what’s great about America and this President. Too bad YT won’t suggest it to anyone. I wonder why?……

  3. Look at this idiots hair ! ….. It’s comical !….Will he ever grow up and act like he’s 73 Years old ?

  4. did he waste all that security detail to speak to 25 people ? we all have access to a tv moniter < what about our neighbours with flooding ? the price of trumps copter and security may have housed 20 folks for 2 weeks . WHERE ARE THIS MANS PRIORITIES ? his fellow americans or votes ? i think i got his answer

  5. I would like to ask why the reporters can meet at the White House  and ask questions by yelling at the President? When they don’t want the churches to come together to pray to God for help and peace. They are just communist dictators.

  6. Does all this mean that I will one day be able to afford one of those lovely trucks here in Australia. Because right now it would cost me $150 GRAND to get into one. But if the Tarrifs and Taxes get sorted and its back down to $70 GRAND where it should be I’ll get one.

  7. I think it’s time Americans stopped buying Korean and Japanese cars…Buy American. If you don’t like American cars, at least go for European ones.

  8. Thank You President Trump for keeping our jobs in the US especially in DETROIT, MI. Detroit, Michigan has been known for too long as the CRIME Capital of the country because of the high unemployment rate for decade, & you have made this END! God Bless You!

  9. I’m looking forward to quality made in the USA products! Maybe Ford could also make home appliances. Better products, less in the landfills!


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