President Trump Delivers Remarks at Kennedy Space Center


Cape Canaveral, FL


  1. #AgentProvocateurs👮‍♂️🚔

    A friend just sent the following mostly first-person account.

    From Jeff who lives in Minneapolis:

    “So for those of you who are interested – I have no idea how national media is covering this – here is what is happening on the ground from my perspective. It is a long post.

    All day yesterday people were out on the street helping businesses – EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS IN UPTOWN has boarded up windows and locked down their stores. The 3rd Precinct, which burned on down Thursday night, is on the east end of Lake Street. Uptown, where we live and the 5th
    Precinct police station is located, is three miles west on lake street.

    All of Lake Street was looted on Thursday night. On Friday EVERY BUSINESS on Lake Street and adjoining commercial districts, was boarded up.
    Many spray painted murals on the plywood – let folks know they were a local or minority owned business. Essential businesses.

    Last night was by far the worst night. Protests during the day were peaceful. There was an 8:00pm curfew. Everything changed when the sun went down. There are roving and highly organized bands of
    anti-government neo-nazi white men cruising the city, breaking off plywood, looting stores, and then setting them fire to the buildings.

    On the Northside, which is predominately African American, the situation was much the same. Local civic groups were trying to protect local businesses and homes. there were many fires.

    The violence and destruction is NOT being driven by local people. The cars on the streets have either removed their license plates, or have
    out of state plates.

    Here is a post from a neighbor, “Everybody! We need to get our heads around what’s happening, Mpls and St Paul are being attacked by fascist
    “accelerationist” white crazies. Trying to divide & destroy us.
    Accelerationism: the idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world -Vox”

    Expect these same types to infiltrate all of the legitimate protests happening in other cities in America. We are fighting an enemy within.

    These “accelerationists” burned down the 5th Police Precinct, our post office, every pharmacy. The Wallgreens and CVS within a few blocks of our house are still burning this morning. The grocery stores were all
    hit. Every bank has been hit. Every liquor store, every gas station.

    They have guns and accelerants.
    When National Guard show up, they disappear into the neighborhoods and have been setting fires. It is a violent game of arsonist wake-a-mole.
    There is no longer any fire fighting service available – overwhelmed. So neighbors are using garden hoses to put out the fires and save homes.
    Pictures neighbors are sharing – these are young white men, heavily armed.

    According to authorities there are over 10,000 of these
    “accelerationists” in the city. St. Paul arrested over 50 people last
    night. ALL OF THEM were from out of state. The authorities are checking phones of the people they have arrested, doing contact tracing of sorts on these people. These people are connected to right wing militia style groups with a civil/race war fantasy. They are opportunistically using
    the legitimate, peaceful George Floyd protests as a cover to actualize their neo-nazi fever dream.

    Gov. Walz just said, “If you know where these people are sleeping today, let us know and we will execute warrants. Allie and I were helping the owner of a commercial building up the street – a friend, and two of
    these guys came up to us. Wanted to know where the free food was being distributed. He gave them an address that was three blocks away. Had no
    idea what we were talking about – not from here.

    Allie, the girls and I are fine and safe. Exhausted. Angry. We have not really slept in three days. Everyone in Minneapolis/St. Paul is the same.

    So, what to do? Our neighborhood group is meeting at the park this
    afternoon. I think that they will organize our neighborhood watch to patrol, try to spot fires and get them out ASAP.
    Major protests are planned for today. They want the other three police officers involved in George Floyd’s murder arrested, they want the MN Attorney General, not the Hennepin County Attorney to manage the case. They want the MPD disbanded and reformed with many alternative public
    safety and law enforcement strategies used. But the legitimate protests will end at 8:00 pm.

    The Gov. and the mayor are calling in thousands more National Guard Troops. We already had more National Guard troops in the city than ever
    before. They are doing a good job but were overwhelmed last night by sheer numbers. Gov. Walz is the highest ranking soldier to have ever served in Congress and led the National Guard – he clearly sees this for
    what it is and will fight it. This is now a military operation by the
    State of Minnesota against alt-right, white nationalists and anarchists that have come into Minneapolis to use the protests against police brutality as cover for their death fantasy.

    They are trying to force authorities to use deadly force and “accelerate” the violence.
    It is dark friends.

    The other side – this morning the neighborhood is out in force helping with the clean up, re-securing businesses. Massive food distribution at community centers. People taking in neighbors whose homes were destroyed or whose neighborhood was so impacted that it is no longer habitable.
    Allie was in contact with students, many of whom are refugees from war torn countries, that were hearing explosions and fire and sirens – they were calling her to make sure she was okay.

    Today I will garden. My flowers are starting to really come into bloom. Vegetables coming in strong. New raised bed being built. Eat some good food. Feel grateful. Train our new puppy Ruth, who is just a pip. Take
    her to the lake and give her a swimming lesson. Then I’ll take a nap. I think tonight will be a long one.”

  2. How sick and twisted is it that people should have been inspired by a rocket launch but instead they watching their cities burn down talk about the enemy within like w t f !

  3. Pence is such a weirdo. Why does nasa have a red lizard tongue across the nasa sign?? Whats that circle supposed to be?? Why does the king james bible say CLEARLY that the earth is flat and each person is their own god? Every religion has stolen god from everyone. God pence is so weird. Elan musk?? Wtf does he have to do with space? Thought he was tesla??.yeah..lets all fake laugh and forget our politicians are child trafficking pedophile satanists. Yay lets pull more fake outerspace lies and have crazy stronauts pretending to float out of their pods. Jesus this is all such a huge lie.

  4. Both BLM and ANTIFA are terrorists – and so are media and the Demonrat Party!

  5. Their oath is to the Constitution.
    And it’s “defend and uphold” “not serve and protect”
    Their oath is to defend and uphold the Constitution.
    “Serve and protect” is a PR slogan.

  6. Протесты в Вашингтоне: атакованы сотрудники секретной службы

    Пенс, если ты будешь защищать преступников в погонах тебе уши на ж.пу натянут.

  7. doing a great job is trump,but the non arrests oh hillary ,fake media people george soros ,nuder cover leftie cops is a blot on him so far,but he could of just understandably bidding his time but from next term he must get them,and whether he gets them or not they must be got,if not got secret militia must get them,leftie are far right pretending to be left wing,if your right what chickens to pretend your left wing,george was killed in dem area with dem leader

  8. Thank you President Barack Obama for making this historic moment possible. Really wish the current POS’s ITWH had the grace to thank you, but that’s obviously Mission Impossible.

  9. Trumptards think their little boy did this because they were graceless and failed to thank the former POTUS who started this effort. Pathetic.

    Heavenly Father, free us of this lying atheist poseur who dishonors our sacred houses of worship and clergy. We ask this in the name of your son and our savior Jesus Christ.


  10. May the Lord continue helping and blessing President Trump, his good cabinet, his good followers to do the Lord’s will completely.

  11. America needs to start producing their own products once again and stop supporting China…their corrupt and scary!

  12. When daily occurences of crime become normality, we can expect all kind of abuses. How many times have I been abuse by conterfait money? More that I can remember! A normal reaction as a victim is never to say thank you! When you make your deposit to the Bank and they hold your conterfait money to the Treasury, it’s never funny and, you get piss each time it happen. Who’s to be blame, the conterfaiter or the user? In this case, the conterfait money has been use two (2) times in a row and, at the same place of business, by the same peoples. Ask me if I sympathized for the culprit that has been cut?! In the Old Time, some religion were cutting members of the body as punition. We don’t do that anymore, we instituted police servants to provide for. This means that when you are arrested, you don’t fight the arresting officer that is doing is job, you will have opportunity to defense. How many times did I saw the resisting to arrest?! I witnessed many arrests with resisting culprits, like they are the one to be victimized! When you’re cut, you have to be smart enough to follow course and, hope for the best. YES, the Police Force have the mandate to interfere and, YES they are exposing their own safety and security by doing so. Also true, some Police Officer is abusing of the mandate and, it’s their Commission that has to prevaled by complaints. What ever you’re color, it’s never a good idea to resist arrest, as accident could happen. I remember an arrest that has been normally done and, nicely by a Police Officer. I, myself, have to interfere in protection of the Police Officer that was sourronded by sympathisants to the culprit. Imagine that, I was the victim and, I have to defend the Police against the perpretator! There is all kind of crasy situations that could resulted of an arrest and, very little time to think, that’s why accidents happen. If you put yourself on the wrong side of the LAW, you have to expect to be punish, one way or the other when cut! I cannot have respect for deviants and resisting culprits, I’ve seen too many fighting the wrong combat! Maybe we should return to the Old Ways?! Gerry

  13. Yes! I am the future American in the space.
    Is my Dream! 😍😍😍💖💖💖💖
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Thank you Mr. President! You have burned a fire in my for my country that I haven’t felt for a long time!

  15. The Barbaric Beast – Donald John Trump = 1776.
    The Beast – June 14.1946 = 911.
    The Beast – June 14.1946 – Great Beast nr nine = 1776.
    The Beast – June 14.1946 – Great Beast light = 1776.

    The Beast – 3 1/2 Years Office 2017 nr nine = 1776.
    The Beast – 3 1/2 Years Office 2017 light = 1776.

    One EYE king = 911.
    One EYE king – Great Beast nr nine = 1776.
    One EYE king – Great Beast light = 1776.

    The golden haired one “Half Snake TRUMP” nr nine = 1776.
    The golden haired one “Half Snake TRUMP” light = 1776.
    Seven Headed Dragon – Donald John Trump = 1776.


  17. President Trump, you are the best POTUS EVER!! Thank you for caring about the American people. And thank you for all of your hard work! Love you guys. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  18. This so-called president is the embodiment of evil. Hes using hitlers playbook and is destroying our country.

  19. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💗🇺🇸🗽👌🏻👍🏻✍🏻💌🌍🔯🪐😉🤓😍

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  21. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. In the midst of it all, Americans must take a quiet breath to reflect on themselves and the day they are living in. They should count it privileged to have the best President ever of all ages across the world. The man who is able to identity and cultivate talents. I think media is misleading masses by ever pouring mucky on the good work being done from economy, security and anything else. Perhaps it’s the fulfillment of old adage “a prophet has no honor in his home country” or a testator is of less influence until he passed away. Personally Mr Trump has done Unparalleled, great things for America. Great job Mr President. Thank you for reviving space dominance again!!!

  23. Köszönöm szépen köszönok mindent megvan a pénz de nincs már meg mert segítettem beteg embereken és arra fordítottam köszönöm én örültem hogy bírtam segíteni!Éljen Amerika az Isten áldja meg az elnök urat!és az ő követőit!

  24. Lots of great comments and responses from automated bots. Citizens ofthe US would never support this facade of leadership


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