President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Viewing of SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 Launch


Cape Canaveral, FL


  1. Looking away from the real problems. Reveling in the accomplishments from others, running away from the problems he created that literally came to his own front yard. Unable to speak to the people he swore to serve and in the case of George Floyd and many others he totally let down. What did you have to lose ? A great many people died and are dying on his watch. You lose your house, jobs and life. And no YOU will not benefit from space. Elon Musk will.

  2. President Trump’s speech from inside Kennedy center was inspired, and honors the men and women who’ve given their lives to give people a reason to look ‘up’ in their lives. You don’t need to understand space to understand how important it is that we go there.

  3. Please everyone Let’s Help our great POTUS make our Country stronger than ever by going to and donate to Trumps campagin ! EVERY dollar counts !

  4. He is one of most powerful men on earth, please vote for president Trump to keep America safe and to be great again, I hope my comment on this will not be deleted by the YouTube as many posts regarding support to the DONALD TRUMP I posted have been removed in the past two weeks. I am pleading here a wake up call to all American to learn to know the ugly move now operating by the Chinese Communist party who they wish to rule the world, first to destroy US then forward to the other countries of the world, US has been politically filtrated n differentiated by the Chinese spy in more than last two decades, enough is enough, don’t let them take away your treasurable culture, mutilates your justice n peace, your honerable trading systems, etc., most of all, she can bribe who they want to be controlled. I love America very much, wish she will be super great again, GOD BLESS AMERICA

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! God Bless the Astronaut. Forever in debt to God for sending President Trump to bring America back in God’s light. God please protect President Trump, his family, all of his administration, ICE, Boarder Patrol, Fed, Coast Guard, and the best Military in the world. And God please continue to guide President Trump and Qanon’s to fight the evil forces. Amen. Trump 2Q2Q 💯 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 💯

  6. The riots were planned in advance! No way all of this was organized in 2 days. It’s a planned uprising that probably was supposed to start closer to the election, but then one stupid cop provided an excuse, and they went ahead early.

    i repeat: None of this has anything to do with Floyd! It’s a pre-planned operation to disrupt the election, and Floyd just provided an excuse to start it early!

  7. If trump wins the election, he will be shot down, Covered in milk and honey. Just like nostradamus said. And the holy virgin won’t help the white house freaks. Fucking morons..

  8. No wall will stop the 40 days & 40 nights of global tsunami/TIDAL waves that are to come because the precession of the earth’s axis will align with the eclliptical solar orbital plane.
    Not space force but rather space arc.
    Just saying all of the evidence is there for all to see.
    Straw men are
    #ClimateChange is caused by the MILANKOVITCH cycles.

    #Covid1984 is caused be the BabyBoomBust cycle.

    #racism theres only one race the HUMAN race!

  9. We have a Bulgarian astronaut on Space station 32 years ago. It’s good that the USA is on our level now…


  11. God bless America God protect Trump he’s a wonderful American person who really loves his God and the American people and wants to see us succeed

  12. Heavenly Father, free us of this lying atheist who dishonors our sacred houses of worship and clergy. We ask this in the name of your son and our savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

  13. Thank you President Barack Obama for making this historic moment possible. Really wish the current lying POS’s ITWH had the grace to thank you, but that’s obviously Mission Impossible.

  14. President Trump keeps going and going, and never takes a break! The guy just doesn’t quit! He’s got to be an extraterrestrial being!

  15. Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great job doing for a country you have withstood like iron I pray for you often God bless you and I want to wish President Trump a happy meaningful birthday

  16. Space is water. The earth is flat and square, supported by four great pillars, immovable and covered by the firmament dome. The South Pole, is a high walled, ring of ice, which contains, the earth’s oceans. Beyond the ring of ice, are many uncharted lands. The sun and the moon (equal in size, approx. 50 kms. in diameter) are just lights, that hover, in a circular trajectory, beneath the dome. The stars and planets, are just lights, inside, the revolving dome. There is no gravity, rather, think in terms of, the density of air, i.e. an object that is denser than air, motions towards the ground, an object less dense than air, rises up, into the air. Similarly, in water, think in terms of buoyancy.

  17. Pedimos que mandem George Soros e Obama para a lua e deixem por lá. Seria uma enorme recompensa pelo sucesso do programa espacial da NASA.


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