President Trump Delivers Remarks on Vaccine Development


The White House


  1. any vaccine remotely funded by vaccine billy’s foundation must be flatly rejected.
    high doses of vitamin D, fat soluble vitamin C, Quercetin ought to be prescribed to ALL covid 19 patients and NOT deadly vaccines.

  2. China imported 50 TONS of VITAMIN C. The U.S. FBI raided a doctor for supplying VITAMIN C. Are you seeing how totally crooked TRUMP is yet!?

  3. America never see in the history of American The most powerful man on the planet earth Like The President Donald Trump he said 2016 this is the last chance last hope we Americans say Donald Trump 2020 Again if not America collapse

  4. The numbers are not accurate. They’re lumping people in with the covid numbers that haven’t even been confirmed with covid. How is that legitimate and accurate?

  5. Is the Military needed for distribution across State lines? Will the right to decline the vaccine be respected? POTUS said that some won’t want the vaccine, which is true.

  6. What’s with the brainwash subliminal tones in the background? Get rid of the globalist pos with the mask standing in the background.

  7. President Trump is correct in that the CCP virus might go away like did SARS. In fact, it was stupid seeing all those people wearing masks out in the Rose Garden with that hot weather. Any virus in the air died in minutes from the sunlight.


  9. He knows his political base is worried that he’s going to make the vaccine mandatory, but he’s doing nothing to reassure them. On the contrary, he’s talking up vaccines. He talked a good talk during his campaign to investigate vaccines with Robert Kennedy Jr., but Bill Gates and probably Big Pharma caused him to tuck tail and leave the American people to the mercies of Merck, Pfizer, Sofina and Glaxo. Voters are waking up. His political base is turning against him big time over this issue.

  10. We do not want vaccines.Immune system is a God -híven vaccine is working better then any vaccines! Be Smart !!!🙏🏼👍

  11. Sure. Let’s have the White House staff and family go for it first, as well all ‘his administration’ and medical and non medical advisors ( like Bill Gates and his friends) go for it 1st, wait for about 2-3 years and then I might consider it for my family. We have enough vaccines with no appropriate safety testing and a long list of known side effects and documented injuries to worry about ! Keep it optional and we’ll decide what we want for our health.

  12. Comment after. Comment after comment on NO vaccines. We do NOT want the vaccine. I’m not sure the president is listening. Plus military employed to get them pushed out? This is scary…not comforting.

  13. Dr. Faeces was looking uncomfortable.
    Sidelined, ignored and by the looks of it, gagged!
    Was rather hoping he’d be arrested at the end … >sigh< another time, perhaps?

  14. Thank you President Trump! My body My Choice!
    27:00 we’re looking for a 27:02 full vaccine for everyone that wants to 27:05 get it not everybody’s going to want to 27:07 get it.

  15. Pres Donald Trump you are doing a great job….it is not an easy task! I believe you are saying that the vaccine is optional, I certainly hope so. You are also saying this is not just vaccine based, you refer to other therapeutics and I think that’s good!

  16. A month and a half after the peak, Fauci the weasel wears a mask. What a joke. The last think people what is profit, yet the stocks of these pharma corps skyrocket. hmmm.

  17. Forcing healthy people against their will to wear a mask is not only unconstitutional, but also jeopardizes their health…
    Trump says the vaccine will be voluntary, but research House Resolution 6666…


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