President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. some politicians are so slick, safe with their wording, predicable, and try to be all things to all men, but mostly they’re not that human, yes obama had charisma for sure, but also the other bad traits of most political people , president Trump is charismatic , very human, cheeky , says what he feels and thinks, and funny with it, he’s a cheeky bugger and i mean that the way it should be meant, the nice way. top man.

  2. I love that President Trump,you caught me off guard with that comment. Putting all the reporters in the rocketship to get rid of them for awhile. Lol. Hillarious and a brilliant idea. If you can only do that with some of the Dems and the double sided Reps.

  3. BEST SOCIAL DISTANCING IDEA EVER…😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Let’s pack all loony demonKKKrats into a rocket and send them off somewhere into space…😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 These FUCKTARDS have become a PESTilence to our country!

    I’m tired of seeing/hearing how the FAKEmedia & lefty managed/owned entities (social media/financial-business outlets) are loving the jobless claims & how they are “so chyna-centric” in all their reporting of USA/chyna tensions.

    THEY are really rooting/cheerleading for our country’ demise with this “covid-19/coronavirus” HYPING and “pro-chyna” PROPAGANDA! It is UTTERLY DISGUSTING how the FAKEmedia and CORRUPTOCRAT politicians on both sides are willing to put people’s livelihoods on the line, ALL FOR POWER, ALL FOR GREED, these SOBs should be given one way ticket to HELL!!!

  4. I would like to ask why the reporters can meet at the White House  and ask questions by yelling at the President when they don’t want the churches to come together to pray to God for help and peace. They are just dictators.

  5. American, We can see it clearly the media and the democratic party do not want the people to pray to God for help they want to close the churches. They want the government to repress and punish the people.  Because the democratic media are being controlled and manipulated  by the devil satan.

  6. I see America is up to 38 million new unemployed, America is becoming a third world nation, I don’t understand why POTUS is acting cool calm and collected as if everything is under control,
    where do the numbers stop I’d say if you hit 50 million you’re on you’re way to becoming a wasteland.

  7. Enjoy your time away President Trump and first lady Melania Trump Have a bless memorial day weekend God bless you president Trump. And Thank you.

  8. Thank-you for mentioning the churches. Thank-you for restoring justice and truth to our elections. God bless America.

  9. Scifi movie reveals people perform legal rendering by using altered states of verbal representation of consciousness as legal platform to alter reality to posess information the couldn’t otherwise do anything but assume was true. Just goes to show that once you start believing things or disbelieving them instead of remaining an exception to them all you will eventually begin to manipulate your word by these imaginations and purportions. I hope to avoid all this junk honestly. I know I remain in an altered state of reality technically too. I can’t help it. There’s not anything I can because the altered state is created to protect me from other risks and dangers and sacrifices. So I can’t do anything to milk more truth out of reality…it has to remain suspended or else I put myself at greater health risk and increase psychological risk as well. They say that the more you risk the better it is for you. There’s someone protecting that interest with an altered reality too. It’s like saying homelessness isn’t dangerous or a risk because it’s like living in a desert…there’s proof people have survived in the desert as long as there has been human life…so it’s safe to be homeless. Even safer than the desert because there’s so many people and opportunity around America. I disagree with that and i don’t think we should go that route. I support the idea of independence and ive put energy into the idea of homelessness but…im not going to say that what we believe we become or that what we believe is true at all. There’s a way to make all things true and that’s not anything but editing with some technology. Not even words limit would still occur if we didn’t talk…it’s observational and due to our limited senses in my opinion…illusory..deluded misperception…altered imaginary limits. I don’t know exactly what it is that occurs in altered states or realities but I don’t support media that lies and takes peoples realities and exploits them because they’re living in an altered state due to drug consumption or use. That is actually done in media. I also don’t support media that takes political or religious or social beliefs and exploits them either. That too is done. Everything from white people supporting Hitler and American racism to reverse racism of white Americans who support other races and use thier inability to create unity between races to exploit thier own race. Like a white guy who wants to like black women but gets no response from them or avoids them because he knows they are connected to black men and he doesn’t like that idea or fears not being accepted…then he pretends his white girlfriend is black..that’s exploitation via an altered reality in our real world. It’s psychological and allegedly doesn’t effect anyone…but it does come from someone who is disaffected by a real issue in America. It’s also not really the individuals fault or a delusion if his social environment does in fact alter his reality. This is a common experience for everyone and some people make it work for them. It can be proven that integration based relationships are created by specific kinds of advancement in society. Certain types of men attract other races and some do not. Darker features or unique appearances tend to create a foil by which we can also assume the eyes work. Different races see themselves differently when intermixed with other races. It’s just a fact. The sense of sight works this way. So it alters how integrations occur. It’s manipulation cannot be helped. It’s just a standard of the device set in the developer of a race where it has been unexposed to alteration for a specific reason and that reason is alteration and degrading of the integrity of it’s nature and that harms the race and it’s physical integrity and genetics as well. We may see them as weak already but sometimes weak is the limit that allows balance. This isn’t to say there is genetic inferiority…but naturally developed limits with good reason to help along the bigger picture of consciousness in our world. By the end of a whole races life experience on earth there would be a different result in terms of consciousness and conscience if it were stayed to one kind. This is nature’s way of showing why each thing is created and why problems develop and why predatorial behavior occurs at all and what exceptions to that are and why they would represent the logic of the end being the springboard for a meeting of the consciousness and conscience and the afterlife being a place of result of political science of the conciousness and conscience that creates a framing for what we see as the exceptions where parasiticism and predation occur in nature beyond the level of animals and humans. These are articulated in a way that is based on life cycle force and reproduction and metamorphosis. There are expressions of answers and statements to preserve the balance of the harmonies of truth as exception to the demand of or command to integrate. It costs us our lives and the true nature of our experience and senses so it alters our consciousness and conscience. We can sincerely say it makes a madness we do not recognize. Racism and violence and discrimination aren’t even included in the psychological problems it causes and the way it alters us is not correctable. It literally would be like the sun changing to not produce the spectrum of uv light it currently does. If it changes to a single spectral color of light which is a kind of light not a color technically…it would cause death to as many things as lived on the mixed spectrum or specific types of light and energy resulting in thier growth because it balances them. It also may tune our enviroment to devolve elementally and atomically…water may disappear which is a big question we have…how does water manifest on earth? Chances are spectrum has alot to do with that…it may actually cause the manifestation of water by changing atomic weights within the spectrum’s hard to say…it’s most likely a time based reaction because it doesn’t just cause other planets to burst forth with water…it probably taps the construct as a time based curriculum and limits it to one cycle which is the life span of the whole planet…we may see this occur on other planets in our earths lifetime. That’s a huge possibility for our awareness to open up..not begin new…we technically already know all this stuff but we dispense with the relativity because it’s from the past and we can’t see it. We do ourselves a disservice to promote otherwise even our law forms represent it is wrong to assume that what is not seen is invalid…that’s the whole premise of us setting a course to discover and investigate crime and act..just because it isn’t seen doesn’t mean it isn’t done and therefore not real. Likewise time travel for profit or gain or say someone like Superman..would be illegal too…you can’t just do what you want here…especially when we are all literally already being so insulted by the fact that our universe not revealing the answers and facts to us and we are judged for it and struggle with the idea that imagination is ideal for science and theory and isnt…imagination is a power misused..if all fact were presently revealed a different harmony would occur with us and we wouldn’t be mistaken in our pursuits and our life process and our psychological and physiological selves would be different and our energy and senses would represent a different purpose and value.

  10. Thank you President Trump!!! Please open the country back up. You know as well as I do that the Covid 19 is a wag the dog. The dems tried to impeach you and couldn’t. So then the Corona was “released”. Its to ruin the best economic ever!!!!

  11. Mr. President, I can’t wait till you can resume your rallies. Nothing has ever made me feel better and more uplifted than a Trump rally! You really need to get those organized again. Masks or no masks you’ll fill those arenas and stadiums to the brink as always! Thank you for the great, great job you continue to do! God bless you, your family and loved ones, and all of your supporters! You are the greatest president ever!

  12. Our President working every day for our country. Justice and truth will prevail in regards to what they did to Flynn. Terrible what previous administration did to Trump but more than him it should never happen to people running for any political office.

  13. Yes, too many have lost their lives & I pray to God this evil in Michigan-California-New York-can be VANQUISHED soon! Thank you for all you do. I pray God send love/light to aid America in healing.

  14. “I’d put you on rocket & send it to China, it’s the ONLY! way this WEAK leadership will do anything!”.

  15. I t’s good to see you smile again, with All. the deaths, tension, fake news hatred, conspirators & pirates you and your administration has to endure. No CEO or president should not have to deal with this. Better days for All A’coming!

  16. Hahaha. Great ending. “Id like to put u on the rocket & get rid of u for a while”. We want that for u, Pres Trump & us. LOL.


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