President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. So will you debate Biden? He’s up in the poles. Why isn’t anyone bringing up all the scandals he’s involved with. Him and his son. Do a on air debate from White house and Bidens home. No one will get sick.

  2. President trump, the real enemy is not invisible. It’s in plain sight. It’s the agenda of the new world order, a one world government, buy the hands of bill gates , Fauci and many others. People are waking up to this fact and I pray for you, our country and our world.

  3. The Governments know much more than The People and the Governments always hide all of the important information from The People.  That’s why transparency is always a question within any government.  Things are about to get worse for the world.  There is no possible way to recover in weeks, months or a year(s) from a worldwide crisis, such as this one.  This is going to be a long downtrend throughout the world.  8 trillion dollars spent on War?  No infrastructure improvement for years in the United States?  A secret deadly virus being spread throughout the world?  Nobody can pinpoint where it came from and the main place it came from has destroyed documents and does not release any information?  Does not share important information to THE PEOPLE so it doesn’t spread throughout our families, friends, coworkers, the neighborhood, city, state or world?  Lockdowns on THE PEOPLE who pay taxes that actually OWN everything because of our back breaking efforts and honesty?  The governments have STOLEN all our tax dollars.  Who is any government to lockdown The People and place certain rules, you can’t SIT DOWN on the beach?  And other rules….because of government enforcement?  That single enforcement on THE People by the government, made me realize, it’s time for me to stand up!  I will be challenging that one and many others in court.  Ohh, I know the FBI, CIA, HLS, GOOGLE and many other agencies are monitoring my comments, computer, cellphone, etc.  Once again to control THE People.  But I am still not afraid, at all.  It’s possible the precious, wonderful government will come knock on my door.  I am extremely upset that my private life is being monitored but I have no crimes to be ashamed of and I usually have no time to read the terms of service/privacy policy.  Why is privacy even a concern?  When you make a phone call, it always says, this call may be monitored.  When you sign an online contract the terms of service are meant to be so complicated that it takes a lawyer to read them.  I can go on and on but my simple message is….when the Government starts mandatory implanting RFID chips in the hand.  You know the government NOW has taken full control over you.  Stand against a tyranny government at all costs.  Our forefathers warned us about this.  “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  4. Can some one please answer this question or ask it to their government: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE THE MAJORITY OF COVID 19 CASES OPEN FOR OVER 2 MONTHS?????????

  5. *Hi President Trump, you look great!👍*
    *I feel very confident and safe with you as our President. I know God walks with you and in faith you will do Gods work🕊*

  6. 1776 DARK LORD – Never control blind Sheep`s = 1776.

    1776 DARK CHILD – Never control The Saints = 1776.

  7. Mike pence, white house staff; please wear a mask while you are unable to keep 6 feet apart from other people in a public setting. If only to ease people’s minds. Thank you.

  8. Potus, please stop discussing this “Jim Jones” Kavorkian cattlebranding vaccine in a good light. NOBODY IS WITH YOU ON THIS. (Except for Bill Gates)

  9. 北海道がチベットのように日本で無くなる日~中国の土地爆買いとアイヌ新法の罠
    北海道が中国の軍港になる危険な状態 米軍を北海道に設置すべき
    中国が狙ってる 北海道アイヌを利用した カジノ利権
    中国が来てかき回す 日本を分断する気です

  10. *China knew well that their virus was spreading and locked down domestic flights within china. Yet allowed hundreds of international flights out of china carrying and spreading the Wuhan virus around the world. China and the corrupt WHO were angered when President Trump rightly blocked flights from china into America.*

  11. I really hope President Trump does continue.the daily briefings. In Europe lots of people listen to this.The media is here as bad as in the US, so for the real information we only have his direct information. Meanwhile the media here take every day a piece from him away. I wish your President good health and wisdom.

  12. If the sleepy one comes to power…..there will be no country left……it will be China all he way….THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IT IS TO GO OUT IN FULL NUMBERS ON NOV 03 AND THROW THE SLEEPY ONE OUT….AND RETURN THE DON…..TRUMP 2020 MAGA/KAG/

  13. Dear Mr. President Trump, We the people desperately need you to WIN the upcoming election. To purge the SWAMP AND SAVE AMERICA…………. Thank You Sir.

  14. Thank you Mr. President for reopening USA! Since now there are many low cost and common treatments against the disease; like vitamins A,D,C,Zinc and Chloroquin, Quinine, Remdesivir and others being discovered. Going forward it seems cheaper to educate the public about the therapeutic treatments and provide all a $50 bottle of hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin than issuing $2000/mo quarantine checks and shutting down the economy. God Bless America!

  15. Trump should be charged with the murder of 70,000+ AMERICANS.


  16. “In our country, we only have, basically, 12 cases and most of those people are recovering and some cases fully recovered. So it’s actually less.” Feb. 11th 2020— Trump

    MAY 5th 2020

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  18. President Trump needs to do something about governor Cuomo telling ppl we won’t be opened back up until September or so. We are not going to stand for this. My parents own a diner and are struggling right now because of this fake pandemic. It’s the goddamn flu and you all know it. The ppl are going to get to a point that is uncontrollable and itll be on you

  19. Please watch this video Y/T Dr Rashid Buttar today. I have info if it’s taken down. You prob have all this info,if it’s fake , please excuse.

  20. I see one comment that says “made in USA not China”. We absolutely need the infrastructure initiative the President has mentioned several times when speaking about where we go next. How many Americans are savvy enough to recognize that the best, and fastest way to do that is in collaboration with China. So many stupid, nasty uncalled for comments, against China. It’s disgusting. We should be ashamed. America, a Christian country??? If you say so.


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