President Trump Participates in a Listening Session with African-American Leaders


Ypsilanti, MI


  1. We pray God for the President having fully health and energy in making America great again and keep great. Always standing straight in any situation on the way running the country in the world Today.

  2. We are so blessed to have you as president, Thank you Mr President Donald Trump,,, and thank you for loving America better than anyone! America first! May God bless u

  3. To me this is ever the greatest president,,, and I like the way you don’t bow to fake news who potray you not as you are! How can really some hate a president like this? Love from Kenya

  4. Yep, lowest unenmployment rate for african americans in history. Well, apparently President Trump did a really bad job at being a racist, like the libturds keep repeating….


  6. I’m impressed with our duly elected President Donald J. Trump, but I pray everyday that he remembers and does something about the children being harmed by the political chaos. I can live with the self-inflicted to stupidity to some extent but not when it harms children.

  7. Our President is a man of action and
    calls it like it is, sorry you creatures do not understand sarcasm and a
    President of Truth and Justice, who is a defender of our freedoms and rights,
    which you fake news TRAITORS have been working hard to destroy these privileges
    because of your hatred of America, Religion, Family, Nation, Marriage, Education,
    Truth, Honesty, OUR Bill of Rights, OUR US Constitution, and OUR Bill of Rights.
    Evil permeates your body and soul and you think you can print or say anything
    without consequences, but you will soon find you have made a very serious
    error.  You fake news turned TRAITORS to
    America are going to be taken to court over any and all of these charges; false
    statements, collusion against our country, inciting people to rebellion and insurrection,
    rioting and inciting to riot by pushing the deep state issues, sabotage to our
    country, sedition against the government and America, threatening the President
    and other government officials or pushing these ideas in print, unlawful
    disclosure of classified data, economic espionage by printing data wrongly
    indicating problems that do not exist, conspiracy against human rights, voter
    intimidation, creating civil disorder by printing Incendiary articles in your
    media, so you see you have left yourself liable to prosecuting for all of these
    charges and you will be doing prison time for a very long, long, long, long,
    long, long, long time.

    We see you TRAITORS, we know who you
    are, the holes that you hide in, and OUR Government will be coming for you and
    putting you through the courts which will truly be operated on the rule of law
    and put you away for your lifetime into prison, so enjoy what little freedom
    you have, as you will soon lose all of your privileges that the deep state has
    provided you, for you will have none of this and will be isolated alone and bereft
    of all support or concern for your well being, but don’t worry you will find
    many fellow inmates who want to become your bosom buddy, over and over.

  8. ‘’YOU AINT BLACK’’ – If President Donald Trump had SAID THAT: ”YOU AINT BLACK” the ENTIRE LEFT MEDIA and the Sovietski ‘Democrats’ led by Pelosi and Schumer would be enraged to the point of oblivion. Mister President you have to TAKE THIS UP and with it CRUCIFY THEM – ALL OF THEM.

  9. We don’t have the mouth swabs. We have the test that goes into the sinus cavity and behind the eye! Would it be possible to carry the swab that goes in the mouth! We wouldn’t have to wait 3-4 days for results!! Thank you Mr. President!!! We are from Michigan ( of course) not sure if Gov Whitmer is at fault for not ordering them in. If they’re not for our nation! , not sure what the deal is!

  10. Look at this room full of visionaries! Ya wanna know what makes Trump the best President since Washington? It’s because he brings competent people on board and supports their efforts. Merit!!

  11. Holy Boldness is a gift from the Holy Spirit & given to someone who champions thought difficult crisis by having Faith not Fear! That Holy Boldness has been given to President Donald J. Trump. God bless Him, & God bless America.

  12. This a great meeting with
    African Americans and hear
    Them speak so beautifully.
    So nice to see appreciation and
    Hear praise for all you are doing
    To help us, the people.
    Dont forget these people. They
    Are your backbone and support
    And a real pleasure to see and hear.
    This the way USA should be. And will
    Support u. And lead us on with their
    Love and appreciation.

  13. During last Election – I never got my ballot.
    A guy I worked with at an Embassy, sent his in and it got returned.

  14. Lv the SD Gov’t perspective! Yes all about Trumping the White House somebody had to pave the way. Perfect job!!! THANK YOU

  15. As a concerned citizen from Europe, watching this deluded, sulky, inappropriate and dangerous man-baby, lie and slur his way towards 100,000 deaths on his watch, I realised, someone is employed, within his team paid with tax payers’ money to remove negative posts or comments about him. Therefore I post this in the name of transatlantic free speech. You Tube : London protests Trump. And PM Boris Johnson, comments about Trump.

  16. Congratulations Mr Jared and that precious lady that loves people they are beautiful from inside and out God bless them all

  17. These are great American ,that is the American Spirit but wont it be alright is the school was just a school just where under privilege children can go not for only black school

  18. I wish we had good people like pastor Scott and the other gentlemen and laddies in DC we would be in paradise which no country the world would come close to compete with us

  19. My President please it would be wise to let somebody else prepare the vaccines and minister it without chips in it not like fauci and gates had in mind . Then you have soros gates and zuck censoring and preventing from sending you the clip

  20. Thank you President Trump to focus on the African American Leaders. Also remember please, to remember the environment. Due to your leadership we are stopping to buy cheap low quality products from China. Let’s keep making products in America, that will also safe our environment. Let’s build the first environmental CAR, may environmental cars be the only cars that fill our roads. May the secretary of transportation be involved with the environmental vision…..We love you President Trump

  21. It’s been over 3 years plus now that I have watched President Trump’s meeting’s with not only America’s Corporate leaders but the everyday people that hold together the fabric of the American spirit. President Trump is a Political Seamstress unparalleled in history who knows how to weave together the threads of effort from every human being he is in touch with. The word “Inspiration” evolved from the Archaic/Latin phrase meaning…..”to breathe upon or into”. This fact of etymological evidence reveals President Trump’s ability to reach individuals to a point of practical re-birth. This re-birth of each individuals empowering self-confidence and hope for the future is a tidal wave of unity that is an honour to witness. Thank You.

  22. Happy Memorial Day to The African American whom helped the Church of Jesus Christ bring prayers back into Public Schools. Thank you….very much.

  23. AMEN. This reminds me of the song the LOVE TRAIN. Lets jump on and go forward. Help and Love everyone. We will Prosper. We are Americans. We will fight for Liberty & Justice for ALL. Go Trump 2020


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