President Trump Tours Ford’s Ventilator Factory



  1. Soros sponsored AG’s need to be identified and voted out. How do voters defend against Soros’ money?

  2. Glück Auf Ford ihr seid die Letzten Autobauer den wir noch Vertrauen würde gerne USA Bürger werden und dann für Euch als Spreng Beauftragter die Deutschen Klimakiller und Betrüger Autobauer weg Knallen.

  3. I sincerely want to buy a Ford now, based on watching his entire visit. It gave me a deep, deep respect for these great Americans, some whose families have been with Ford for generations. They exemplify what it means to be a true hard worker, proud of their craft and their company. Definitely getting an Explorer!😉

  4. Ibrahim’s☪ have no law of about hygiene and violators of 633Mosaic🕎Law✡🇮🇱.
    See the Iran🇮🇷🌍 stricken by earthquake of 5.1magnitude
    3km NNW of Do Gonbadan, Iran
    2020-05-24 09:11:28 (UTC)
    10.0 km. And so are ibrahims☪ brahmins🕉🔯hindutva their compilers Yamaha☯musicians ✝☦cross worshippers🔱mermaids turban’s have NO regard to 633Mosaic🕎Law✡🇮🇱.

    So the PLAGUES for biohazard levels1-4 production will be plagued for 🇮🇱😡Her🕎Mosaic✡😠Law🇺🇸declared🇬🇧🌬📯23May2020 afternoon02:00hrs plagues for unclean Ibrahim’s☪ ed-ul-fitar Jacobians/Judah-Tamar/Reuben profane-blasphemy against Jewish🕎TWO🕊oliveTrees🕎StandingBefore🕎YEHWEH🕎are HOLY🔥ONE👸🏻👸🏻🤴🏻YEHWEH👐🏻✊🏻Posessions✡ per Law⚖Justice forged by Engalnd🇬🇧🏹Declaration🕎🕎😡Yisaach🗡🇺🇸USA😏Prince✡Jewish🕎Yerushaleyiem✡YisraEL🇮🇱🦅.

    All you flesh or trunk or bark or tissue expecting second chances and mercies and forgiveness? Really Han😠

  5. Mr. President, we need to keep our borders closed with Mexico, they are not managing the pandemic as good as we are, also we need to increase immigration fees for people already inside our country seeking green cards and citizenships, application fees have been very low for decades, its time to increase fees by 50% to support the visa agencies


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