Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. Who’s the reporter with the balding head and the pastel green tie? Whoever he is, he looks like he borrowed his sport coat from some poor homeless guy. Give it back!

  2. That morbidly obese reporter in the blue blouse talks faster than she can think. Cites a statement by an obscure group of nurses to go out on a limb and declare The President wrong, argues with everything she’s told instead of taking notes, then get’s knocked into low earth orbit by precise facts.

  3. The reporter who was questioning why Trump said it was “good” that there were positive tests is an idiot. There would be the same number of people sick whether they’re tested or not. When we have a positive test, we know better how to treat. We know better what measures to take if we have lots of positive tests. If Trump had said that it is “good” that we have more sick people, that would be out of line. But he didn’t say that.
    Also, to perpetually beat this drum that the US has more cases than any other country is so fatuous it beggars belief. This reporter is a stone-cold liar, and he knows it. The US does NOT have more cases than any other country, for the simple reason that all of China’s numbers are lies. Even to say that the US has more “confirmed” cases misrepresents the truth.
    The problem with all these lies the news media is telling is that it minimizes the suffering of the Chinese people. If China were held accountable for all the deaths their criminal mismanagement and propagandistic disinformation have caused, the Chinese people would have a much better chance of beating this disease.


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