Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. “It’s not an original Trump thought” ….he tweeted it. So who was it? His split personality? Then she totally deflects and starts talking about how other people said worse…?? Yeah so smart she is. Corrupt.

  2. These masked reporters are ridiculous !!!! How about some serious Questions. Biden , Kerry , Obama, Hillary and her upcoming appearance in court!!! QQQQQQQQQQQuestions???? WWG1 WGA

  3. These press meetings turn up into a comedy show.
    Its so obvious that they are just reading text and dont even care what the answer is, its funny.
    I think they dont even know what they are asking.

  4. Why can’t she ever answer a question directly? Address the question you’re being asked about. Don’t deflect and try to turn the attention somewhere else. They are asking specifically about the president and HIS comments, why can you not address that?

  5. All part of the human condition, I have lived
    in the Midwest of the USA, lived in Philadelphia and New York, lived Europe
    where I live for the moment. Never lived in Africa or Asia and everywhere
    people are the same, what differs is their culture. And while every culture is
    interesting it is safe to say that in the western world as children of the
    Enlightenment and a citizen of the greatest and oldest democracy outside of
    ancient Greece, if you value human rights and individual liberties you won’t do
    better than the USA. The current fashionable narrative on race, gender, and
    political correctness is destructive and subtly vile and comes from the social
    sciences in western academies, in Europe and in the USA. There is a 20th
    and now 21st century history to this movement and while the road to
    hell is paved with good intentions that does not make it healthy to liberal
    western values. Today young people are brainwashed by a left leaning ideology
    coming from the academies (American Universities). Our universities have come
    under the influence of two streams of thought from Europe. Firstly, “the
    “Frankfurt School” was a group of scholars known for developing critical theory
    and popularizing the dialectical method of learning by interrogating society’s
    contradictions. It is most strongly associated with the work of Max Horkheimer,
    Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse and secondly, the
    postmodernist French intellectuals and postmodern philosophers like Jean Baudrillard,
    Jean François Lyotard, and Jacques Derrida. Michel Foucault.”: “Michel
    Foucault: I am not saying everything is bad, I am saying everything is
    Theodor Adorno: I am saying everything is
    bad.” Their ideas spread across the Atlantic and profoundly influenced the
    social sciences as they are taught in the US academies, these ideas have even
    begun to invade STEM fields (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) and people your
    age and younger in the US now have a left leaning bias closer to what it means
    to be a leftist in Europe. In Germany for example many of Europe’s former
    radial leftists have permuted and gone from “red” to “green” and “The Green
    Party” Their leadership comes from people closer to my age those old 68
    er’s (1968) civil disobedience in France and Germany. The leftists have given
    up on the proletariat because workers were corrupted by consumerism. Today’s
    youth have been brainwashed into believing CO2 is killing the planet and that
    computer models on climate change being far more complex than pandemic
    modeling(as shown recently to be hugely in error) but radically promoted by
    activists as whole cloth and not just a small thread in the tapestry of
    climate. So, if you cannot save all of humanity with failed Utopian visions
    then save all of nature by preserving nature from the corrupting effect of
    capitalistic economic activity. The Internet drives and feeds global hysteria
    and picks up on the loudest and most extreme opinions coming from activists.
    Those that think there is a perfect and logical solution found in trusting an
    expert elite (meaning themselves) and there never is one perfect Utopian
    solution only at best a choice between Scylla and Charybdis. People my age (I
    am getting close 70) see the divide today in America and in Europe as one of
    vision. The best explanation of is Thomas Sowell’s book “Conflict of Visions” A
    short video explains …. President
    Trump has a mixed constrained and unconstrained vision as many business leaders do. Obama and those
    younger tend to follow the unconstrained vision. I believe this is the best way
    to explain why people become polarized: they are see things differently having
    nothing to do with good and evil while some describe those they disagree with
    them by simple labels, stupid, evil, or both and those prone to these labels
    usually have unconstrained and more idealistic leanings.


  7. Your my new role model since all my role models flipped….and Carly Lloyd can’t play till next year..completely love yah!

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  9. What a “breath of fresh air” to listen to this intelligent , informed, responsive lady Press Secretary as she easily explains Trump White House decisions and plans. She obviously cannot be subverted or side-tracked by accusers and can impressively cut off aggressive Trump-haters. She is not only an asset of the Administration, but a valued spokes-person for all common-sense citizens.

  10. It’s so very sad that there are so many Trump haters. All he has done is go through hell and high water to be there for the American people.
    Please people, stop letting the Democrats brainwash you. Do your own research.

  11. Guy in the black suit and blue mask, sounds like a police or FBI agent grilling negative comment after negative comoment. He is making a comment or judgement in the form of a question!😄 Does he not realize how absolutely foolish compared to rest of reporters not actually attacking like he is sent there for, than actual legitimate questions asking important questions we all are ACTUALLY CONCERNED ABOUT OR WANT TO KNOW! His are all unnecessary and have no real interest to most of us. American citizens.💙💙💜💜🌹🌹🌹

  12. NM Gov is CORRUPT….her handler is BILL RICHARDSON……
    Edit to add: those dumb a$$ so called reporters look absolutely stupid w the masks on
    Godspeed 🙏

  13. Those are the questions the media asks? This is a joke….our media has intentionally lied to the people denying us the ability to make an informed intelligent decision .

  14. What is up with the disrespectful reporters, answer the same question six different
    way’s and he still wouldn’t give up. What happened to the respect for The
    Office of The President of The United States of American,

    The way I was raised was to have respect for the office of The
    President of The United States of American, no mater who is

    Guys lucky my dad isn’t still alive and in that room, he
    was a stone cold democrat but if we had a republican president, That
    was his president and you would not disrespect office of The
    President of The United States of American with out a response. His
    opinion was the president is the dividing line between democrat and
    republican with out question…

    I think we need to go back to playing the national anthem and holding a
    hand over our hart before anything related to
    The Office of The President of The United States of American.

    Some how the press has become seemingly more important and powerful than
    we the people, let me take this opportunity to state the preamble of
    the constitution starts with
    WE THE PEOPLE , not we the press…
    Not to mention how awful you guy’s are starting to treat
    White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany,,,,
    Grown me do not
    treat a women like that,
    probably a child abuser too…
    Somebody needs to recognize that guy…
    (Preamble To The Constitution of The United States of American) 
    “”We the People”” of the UnitedStates, in Order to
    form “a more perfect Union”, “
    establish Justice”,
    “insure domestic Tranquility”,
    “provide for the common defense”,
    “promote the general Welfare”,
    “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”,
    “ do ordain and establish” this
    “Constitution for the United States of America”.
    Judicial relevance
    The courts have shown interest in any clues they can find in the
    Preamble regarding the Constitution’s meaning. Courts have developed
    several techniques for interpreting the meaning of statutes and these
    are also used to interpret the Constitution.
    As a result;
    ““The courts” have said that interpretive techniques that
    focus on the exact text of a document should be used in interpreting
    the meaning of the Constitution.” Balanced against these techniques
    are those that focus more attention on broader efforts to discern the
    meaning of the document from more than just the wording; the Preamble
    is also useful for these efforts to identify the “spirit”
    of the Constitution.
    –So Then:
    All you reporters, take notice,,, on the case here,,, reading till
    my eye’s are bleeding, learning thing’s about the law’s of our
    great nation, I never cared to know, until now. So please start to
    have a little bit of respect for The Office of The President of The
    United States of American.

    I’m a retried citizen of of The United States of American,
    worked on a federal level for a lot of years.
    So when you come into my and We The Peoples White House and
    address our president, Sit up like you care where you are, Say “yes
    Mam” and “no Mam” , “yes Sir” and “no Sir”,and “thank
    you” and “please”, you disrespecting our We The Peoples white
    House and/or the Office of The President of The United States of
    American.. It might not work out well…
    Things have to have a fast turn around starting as of last week,
    yea, I know the type, once somebody has been in the zone there’s s
    sixth cense forms, you learn how to see in the dark like a bat and
    read folk from the inside out.
    My spidy cense is reading you Mr. Journalist, Your probably
    laughing your butt off right now…
    Let’s have a reality check, there’s a depression or near
    depression going on in the middle of a unprecedented world wide
    pandemic, Getting off the planet and not worrying about “it”, and
    when I Say IT, I say it in the broadest of meaning ,,,NOT IN YOUR
    LIFE TIME…. So if you appreciate being a Journalist. It’s us out
    here, your audience you need to like your work and the general
    consensuses is as of now,
    WE THE PEOPLE of The United States of America
    don’t like you, we don’t like what you represent
    have enough going on concerning the C.C.P-Virus
    with out your disrespect…
    A little advice, when you come into our WE THE
    PEOPLE’S White House,
    sit up straight,
    wear dignified cloths,
    be respectful of where your at!
    Hiding behind our
    Constitution of The United States of America,
    then coming into
    WE THE PEOPLE’S White House of The United States
    of America to
    ask our
    WE THE PEOPLE of The United States of American’s
    questions about
    WE THE PEOPLE’S United States of America
    no matter who it is, be dignified, be respectful,
    everyone in the world is watching
    and if you don’t believe, look around,
    ask folk of distant land’s
    Your on precious ground, many have proudly and
    lovingly gave their life ‘’for the sake of…
    On a personal note, you Journalist act in a manner that I find
    detestable to the point that if I watch the new’s, I turn to an off
    shore news cast, and really that is a real shame as in shameful for
    You Journalist make me and everyone I know sick, sick as in
    can not
    stand to watch your newscast or read your crap ..
    I pray one day the white house has it’s own web space
    and makes you guys have to mail in your question through the U.S.
    mail and politely wait for an answer…
    You rude disrespecting folk take notice,
    if, I, am, the dividing person to whether you work as a uppity white house journalist
    or sit in the lowest gutter at the low end of the lowest town,
    waiting on a turd to float by so you can describe and report it
    to a low grade tabloid.
    The type of tabloid like you find by the toilet in south America….
    You’ll be the reporter……

    Anthony Fauci, Head of Coronavirus Task Force ought to be thoroughly investigated.
    His wife Christine Grady, Head of Human Subjects Research ought to be thoroughly investigated.
    Deborah Birx, Coronavirus Task Force, Current Director of PEPFAR ought to be thoroughly investigated.

  16. I cannot stop laughing!!! She just criticized Biden for sitting in his basement while not wearing a mask next to his wife!!! LMFRAO!!!..then wearing one with her outside…OMG!!!! LMAO….(must be “hypocrasy”)…….is SHE FOR REAL??? YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR A MASK INDOORS OR SOCIALLY DISTANCE INDOORS WITH YOUR OWN HOUSEHOLD MORON! YOU WEAR THEM WHEN YOUR GOING TO BE OUTSIDE WHERE THERE’S A CHANCE OTHERS WILL BE AROUND OR PASS BY~!! i JUST CANT….LOL LOL LOL


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