Preventing COVID-19 in your workplace or while teleworking


There are simple things you can do to keep yourself, your colleagues at work and your family members protected from COVID-19. Watch this short animation and learn how to prevent COVID-19 in your workplace or while teleworking.


  1. Tedros’ reckless words

    1/19 The risk of human-to-human transmission is low
    1/22 It doesn’t hit the emergency.
    1/28 I salute China for taking prompt and effective steps.
    1/29 I don’t recommend evacuating foreigners from China.
    1/31 No measures should be taken to unnecessarily impede travel or trade
    —- We need to keep people coming and going and keep our borders open.
    —- If it weren’t for China’s efforts, the death toll outside China would have been even higher.
    —- China’s response has set a new standard for infectious disease control
    —- We have China to thank for the low number of infected people outside of China.
    2/1 I have confidence in China’s ability to control the pandemic
    2/4 Wuhan is a hero.
    —- Countries other than China, provide better data on infected people.
    2/5 Invest 74 billion in the WHO.
    ——(Regarding the recommendation of the British Foreign Office to evacuate the British people from China) I recommend that all countries make their decisions based on the evidence.
    2/8 The lethality rate is about 2%, so don’t be more scared than you need to be.
    2/10 Britain and France need to have more of a sense of crisis
    2/12 It’s not a good idea to name pneumonia after a name that evokes a specific region
    2/13 Praise for China’s unparalleled efforts
    2/18 The new virus isn’t deadly
    2/21 Wuhan offers hope to the rest of the world that even the most dire situation can be turned around
    2/24 It’s not a pandemic yet.
    2/27 China’s proactive and decisive initial response prevented the spread of the infection
    2/28 Possible pandemic.
    —- I want every country to focus on being prepared.
    —- The chances of containment are diminishing.
    3/25 We squandered our first opportunity.
    3/26 I should have dealt with this a month or two ago.
    3/27 Without proactive action in all countries, millions could die
    4/5 I want President Moon Jae-in to speak up when he represents Asia
    4/6 Under no circumstances is it advisable to wear a mask.
    4/9 If you’ve got more body bags, use your politics.

  2. Estudien el dióxido de cloro activo les apuesto que iliminara del cuerpo humano todo tipo de virus hongos bacterias y OTROS e inclusive cura el cáncer… De paso este dióxido puede iliminar micro elementos metálicos de nanotecnologia del cuerpo en la cual este reactivo es usado para mantener viva la sangre de donaciones yo no entiendo por que ocultan y prohiben…. SOLO ESTUDIEN Y VERÁN QUE ES CIERTO TE DIRÁN QUE ES TÓXICO PERO ES DEPENDE DE CÓMO LO USES….
    No caigamos en las mentiras que tratan atemorizarnos… Recuerden “MENTE SANA CUERPO SANO”

  3. Irrelevant information from WHO. We found better guidelines from other sources way before. WHO must be disbanded.

  4. WHO is a corrupt and incompetent organization headed by a “former” Communist and serves the will of the CCP. Serious anti-trust and treason investigations need to be opened against YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc… because of their collusion and promotion of this criminal organization.

  5. First Sweden did not do enough for its people and now its the role model of the world? Seriously GFY and your entire scam operation.

  6. For COVID 19 those who recovered from corona virus is due to immunity in their body now the question is why this immunity can’t be COVID 19 vaccine

  7. Thank you for the positive messages you continue to put across to help protect individuals from COVID19 both at work and at home

  8. If people in the world hear president Trump says:”avoid China”.Nobody die!and China virus can’t come their country.!

  9. WHO Why not investigate america?why investigate china? You are also scared As a organization? You want repeat america washing powder on Iraq? America big data shows the birthland. China is the first country to speak out. Politics should stop. We chinese not 19th century. Eight countries break Our country. But cede territory and pay indemnities is not workable nowadays. After this epidemic.we all see which country is taking responsibility and meaning of peace

  10. Can you feel their haunting presence?
    Can you feel their haunting presence?
    Liar, Killer, Demon
    Back to the river Aras
    Someone’s blank stare deemed it warfare
    Liar, Killer, Demon
    Back to the river Aras
    Freedom, Freedom, Free, Free

  11. If I had to choose between WHO and CNN, I would close my eyes and choose CNN….understand to what level you snakes have dropped to.


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