Q&A on International Nurses Day! 12 May 2020


Broadcast live on 12 May 2020 – International Nurses Day

Q&A session with WHO Chief Nursing Officer Elizabeth Iro

More information on the Year of the Nurse and The Midwife:



  1. When will Tedros and upper leadership be removed? That’s the only question I want answered. Until then, nothing you say is worth listening to.

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. A new Coronavirus already tested during the well-known PANDEMIC exercise Event 201, Just 5 days before the outbreak of COVID-19 in China. What a bizarre coincidence !!! When Will Who, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, the corrupted Who, Gavi Alliance, Cepi, the corrupted European Commissione, the Trilateral Commission, United National, Bilderberg Group, G30, Council on Foreign Relatuons, the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE, CIA, Fbi, Anthony Fauci CDC, when will you please finish the inflated PANDEMIC planned by you and and your God Bathomet within your masonic Lodges, all this creepy PLANDEMIC (PLANNED PANDEMIC)???. People are not stupid, we are seeing your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo and other web censorship, you liars !!! If you are going ti impose your contaminated vaccines through your Orwellian Immunity Passport, just know that we Will never accept your mercury-aluminiun-fetal babies-based vaccines just ti make Big Pharma Rich !!! Did you understand the message ?!?

  3. Filthy WHO, whores of the CCP, I hope you were paid well to murder so many? I hope Tedros gets time to reflect on his crimes against humanity before his fat, corrupt arse swings from a rope.

  4. CCP Getting so desperate sending 50 cent Wumaos here too lol China the laughing stock of the world now same with C.H.O. and Tedros Chang


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